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We provide Life Transformation Coaching after major life roadblocks like Divorce, Widowhood, Runaway Partner, or HeartBreak. We have created a simple and effective Transformation Framework to help you deal with pain/grief in your unique situations and heal from it. We will provide you with tools and techniques to Rebrand, Reinvent yourself to Get Your Groove Back that's priceless.
- Relationship/Dating Coaching for singles and Couples Therapy.
- Transformational Retreats:-
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Rose Mupambwa

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Rose's Life Coaching is a  private therapy practice that provides grief and healing therapy. Our mission is to provide specialized consultation for people processing grief and loss. We work with our clients to create clear strategies, tools and approaches for moving forward. We also provide clients with holistic  action plans to help them heal from their loss.
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Who we are?
My name is Rosemary Trish. Author of the Book, "Exhume or Heal: A Widow's Memoir, Getting Her Groove Back". I was a College Lecturer, Social Worker and Domestic Violence Counselor before I became an Internationally Certified Transformation and Relationship Coach. 

After losing my husband and my parents, years ago, I had to start from scratch as a single parent. I have three beautiful children that are now productive adults. It was a long painful journey full of shame, fear, low self-esteem, financial hardships and frustrations. For a while I threw Pity Parties to which no-one attended except myself . Feeling sorry for myself did not change my situation at all. Finally it dawned on me that for my life to change positively, I had to take action and do something about it. 

I realized that the power to change my life was within me. The most important thing is, I MADE IT!!!. I want to help you also get back your strength.
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Rose's Life Coaching has a collective team experience of over 10 years in therapy and life coaching. Our practice provides you with the resources to handle life transitions, road-blocks, and general cycles of unproductive living. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands? Do you need winning strategies to Get your groove back into this modern dating scene? Are you looking for help to build back into your normal routines and life?

Rose's Life Coaching services addresses specific personal situations that help our clients to create, re-imagine a better future and move forward in life. Our coaching tools aim to introduce clarity, healing and self-motivation as strategies for better managing the emotional stress of everyday life. We also help our clients to return to building normal and healthy relationships!