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My name is Rosemary Mupambwa the fairy Love Mother,
I am a Love and Relationship Coach living in BC, Canada.
But I am fortunate to have worked with people from all over the world.
Love has no borders 
I am someone who has been where you are today.
I have been through my own journey of love, loss, and separation, which has shaped my understanding and empathy for others facing similar challenges in their relationships.

As a Relationship and Dating Coach,
I draw from my personal experiences of widowhood, an immigrant woman and single mother.
This allows me to share the knowledge I have gained over the years to guide and support individuals in finding or maintaining love.

My focus is on helping women navigate the complexities of relationships and rediscover the joy and fulfillment that TRUE LOVE can bring. 

I am committed to empowering you, to overcome obstacles and create lasting, meaningful connections in their lives.

I love working with women and helping them to find TRUE LOVE again.. 

“Everyone deserves to love and to be loved no matter what they have gone through in the past.”
– Rosemary Mupambwa

What makes me a Love & Relationship Expert? 

  • I got my Relationship Coaching Certificate from the Berry Fowler Institute.  
  • Reiki Master (Energy Healing-clearing all the Blocks of what is keeping you stuck) qualification from the International Association of Therapists (IAT) in the United Kingdom.
  • I have extensive experience working with victims of Domestic Violence and those suffering from Mental Health, Racial Trauma

My Personal Qualifications

  • Diploma in College Education from Huddersfield Technical College, UK
  • Diploma in Social work
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • A Degree in Human Services – University of Zimbabwe
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology – Athabasca University, Canada

Whether you are trying to keep your relationship alive or you are seeking to find the love you know will make you whole, I have been there!

Once upon a time, I was a corporate boss, but after the passing of my husband many years ago, I struggled to get back on my feet and find love again.

I was sad, lonely,frustrated, and almost giving up on love, at the time I tried to bury my sadness, pain, and loneliness into my work.

Do you think that worked very well for me? 

I gave into self-pity and adopted a mindset I would not wish on another person
And rather than looking internally, I began to pass the blame onto my previous relationships for my pain and lack of love.

But something I found difficult to face was that,  I too played a part in my life, as I did not take the right steps to change my situation when I had the opportunity, until it was too late.

So what did I do to change this? 
I did what you are doing right now!

I looked for help.

One day I decided to attend a retreat and through that I had the breakthrough I needed!

I started on an authentic healing journey and forgiveness for me to start my dating life on a clean slate.

I then discovered that I had to change my life to attract the man I had envisioned within my mind, the road was hard and it was tough


My inspiration to be a Relationship And Dating Coach came after I worked closely with Love Coaches, Reiki Masters, and Spiritual Mentors. They helped lead me to research just why so many couples end up divorcing and broken hearted, especially after going through one myself. 

I worked hard, because I knew I was set on a MISSION to help other people like myself navigate the complexities of life and love. 

I have made it my MISSION to help guide you, even if you have a complicated and repeated history of attracting and dating people who break your heart, I know I can help you find the love you have been searching for, but you must be ready to walk the journey!

Today at the age of 60 years old I found love in my life once more!!

How did I achieve this, you ask?

It was simple but it took a lot of work and guidance.
This led me to make a
12 Essential Shifts Plan that helped me find the man I had been dreaming of since the passing of my husband.

Who said love has an age limit??

Using the 12 Essential Shifts I carefully crafted, I found love once more.

In 2019 I published my first book.

This book is about my experiences dealing with my life struggles as a Single Mother and the immense challenges I faced braving life in a foreign country.

But as you can see, I rose from the challenges that were put in my way and my book will help you do the same also.

The content in my book helped me to be who I am today and I wrote it with you in mind.

I want you too like a Rose to blossom and become the person I know you were meant to be, 

with the person that was meant for you.

Hence the creation of this: 
Roses Life Coaching

I am determined to make sure whoever goes through the program and does the work required will succeed in finding love again, even if they were on the verge of giving up on love.

"Who said love has an age limit??"

Today I have found love again at 60 and we are very happy together.

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