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I am so happy you are here to learn more about our services.
You know what, I have been there where you are today, successful and powerful in the corporate world but, my dating life sucked, after I lost my husband, many years ago.

I was lonely and became a busy bee burying my loneliness and pain into my work.

Did That Work? NO!

I was stuck in my pity mindset and blamed my exes for my pain and singleness, but what I forgot was I also played a huge part as I did not do anything to change my situation in time. 

One day after attending a retreat it dawned on me that I had to change my life to attract the right man into my life. The journey wasn’t easy, but it had to be done. I started on an authentic healing journey and forgiveness for me to start my dating life on clean slate.
I worked with a Coach, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Mentor, which led me to do a lot of research as to why there were so many divorces.
I got my Relationship Coaching qualification with Berry Fowler Institute. I also got my qualification as a Reiki Master with the International Association of Therapists in the UK.
Now I am on a Mission to help women to find love even if they have had a repeated history of attracting unemotionally available men who have always broken their hearts.

Using the 12 Essential Shifts in the DATING AFTER A LONG SPELL program.

Today I have found love again at 60 and we are very happy together.

Before all this I was widowed in, 2000 my husband left me three beautiful children. I then left my country Zimbabwe to come abroad for a better life for my children and myself.

We were separated for 6 years before we got reunited in Canada.

Who said love has an age limit??

I published my first book


talking about my struggles as a single mother
and the challenges I faced in a foreign country. But I managed to rise from all that,
to be where I am today.

I have a Diploma in College Education from Huddersfield Technical College, UK,
Diploma in Social Work, Diploma in Business Management, a Degree in Human
Services from the University of Zimbabwe, a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from
Athabasca University in Canada, 2012. I have extensive experience working in the
Domestic Violence and Mental Health fields.

As the eldest girl in my family, I have always looked after my baby sisters and nurtured them as they grew up.This is what I do with my clients, I never give up on them.

I love working with women and helping them to find love again. 

Everyone deserves to love and to be loved no matter what they have gone through in the past.

Hence the creation of this Coaching Practice, Roseslifecoaching.

I am determined to make sure whoever goes through the program and does the work required will succeed in finding love again, even if they were on the verge of giving up on love.

"Who said love has an age limit??"

Today I have found love again at 60 and we are very happy together.

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