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My mission is simple!

To help women take a proactive step toward dating and finding healthier and happier long-term relationships because I have been there where you are today, single and frustrated.
Unlike other Relationship and Life Coaches, I pride myself on guiding you through what I personally practiced.

I have made my own life practices available to you!

What Will You Learn?

I used the tools I had to craft when dealing with the loss of my husband and immigrating to a new country as a single mother of three beautiful children.

I will guide you through the steps you Must take to FIND HIM and then ATTRACT HIM.

Let your FAIRY LOVE MOTHER give you the TOOLS you need to not only FIND HIM but also to KEEP HIM.

From my experience, I have found that most women have no problem finding a man.

However, it is often keeping the man that proves most challenging.

This is one of the reasons I became a Professional Relationship Coach.

To help you FIND HIM and KEEP HIM

It is time for you to invest in a Dating Coach who truly cares for the success of your love life. Rosemary is someone that has been there, where you are today. 
Rosemary is someone that will take the time to understand you and listen to your situation


My Own Story

My name is Rosemary Mupambwa the fairy Love Mother,
I am a Love and Relationship Coach living in BC, Canada.

But I have not always been so in tune with love.
Like many people, I too have experienced tragedy and heartbreak.

In 2000 I lost my first husband

I was left alone in the world to be a widow and a single mother.
My life was completely turned upside down!
While I was dominating the corporate world I struggled to get back on my feet and find love again.

And Just when I thought I had it all figured out!
I then went on to experience a major heartbreak.

I was frustrated at the world, I was sad that Love was avoiding me all while combating the loneliness and lack of true companionship.
This almost made me give up on finding the Love I knew I deserved!
I thought I could handle the weight of love’s disappointments alone and 
I dealt with it the best way I knew!
I buried my head into my work!

Do you think that is how I became who I am today?

It was not until I began to look inward and faced the uncomfortable truth.
That I realized in order to find the Love I knew I deserve,
I must first work within myself.

One day I attended a retreat, and it allowed me to begin my personal healing journey, of facing my pain and allow myself to forgive the past but EMBRACE MY FUTURE.

I spent time with Reiki masters who finally allowed me to open up my heart again.

How Reiki Changed My Life

A friend referred me to a Reiki Master who helped me to remove and separate me from a lot of trapped and negative emotions that I had accumulated over the years.
The practice of Reiki helped me to strip away all the negative emotions that were acting as Love Blocks, Reiki destroyed all the walls I had built around my heart

Opening my heart up to love once more!

My Life After Reiki

After my Reiki for Relationships Sessions
My heart felt a lot lighter and within myself and my spirit, I felt more relaxed and energized.
I found it easier to find happiness.
This gave me the space I needed to create a healthy environment to attract the person I knew was right for me.
Reiki allowed me to finally find a man who was serious about building a long-term relationship.
We had a traditional Zimbabwean wedding ceremony, in Zimbabwe.
I was blessed to have my family in attendance and share the joy I felt in finding the Love I had been searching for after being widowed.
And HE is here to stay!

When your heart has been hurt so many times, it is only natural that the scars left behind grow and prevent you from opening up again.
As a Qualified Reiki for Relationships Expert
It is my MISSION to break down your love scars and reopen the door to love again.

Professional Dating Courses

My 12 Essential shifts in the Dating after a Long Dry Spell program, will give you the steps I used to bring the love I was destined for.

You should not have to lower your standards in order to find a man and I will show you how.

“You can find love again –even if have been struggling for years. Love is possible”

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