Our mission is to help women take a proactive and practical step to dating and finding healthy long-term relationships.

Unlike other Relationships Coaches, I teach my clients what I personally
practiced, using the same program that worked for me, to find love again.

What You Learn

I will personally teach you how to FIND HIM and give you the special secret
weapons to KEEP HIM even if you thought Love is not for you!

I have seen most women have no problem finding men, but they have no tools to keep these men, so they end up heartbroken and back on the singles market again.

This is where I come in

"It’s time for you to invest in a Coach that truly cares for your love life, someone that has been there where you are today. Someone that will understand and listens to your situation".

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My Own Story

After I had gone through many disappoints in my life, I found out that my heart been closed to love. OUGH!!

I just did not feel Love was for me anymore. A friend referred me to a Reiki Master who helped me to remove lots of Trapped Emotions I had accumulated. Reiki helped me to remove all the Love Blocks and destroyed all the Heart Walls to reopen my heart to love again. These are formed when your heart has been broken so many times. It’s natural that our brain protects us from further hurt, by building a wall around the heart, but this comes with a price.

Therefore, you start to repel the good guys and attract the wrong guys or worse still, draw the same emotionally unavailable men into their lives.

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Do You Know Why?

                        After the Reiki for Relationships Sessions                                             (WHICH I NOW  OFFER IN THE PROGRAM),                                        my heart and energy were both filled with positivity.             This created a healthy environment to attract the right person who was emotionally ready for a long-term relationship. We had a traditional marriage ceremony in Zimbabwe, with all my family and friends. It was a touching ceremony for sure because I had found the love of my life, and now we are happy together.

The 12 Essential Shifts in the DATING AFTER A LONG DRY SPELL program, I show women how to find love without having to Lower their standards, play desperate or play the silly hard to get games, which turns a lot of men off.

Here are the some of the Essential Extraordinary shifts:-

I will show you how you do all this while being your true, authentic, captivating self, AND fully enjoying the process, without sounding desperate or needy and not practicing self-sabotaging behaviors.

“You can find love again –even if have been struggling for years.
Love is possible”

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