Sometimes, circumstances do not allow people to live together, so Valentine’s Day is the only way to show your affection with your partner on this very special day.
In February, if you are busy with your present office work and not able to with your spouse. Despite this if you want to celebrate the auspicious occasion and you want to give something special to your dearest one you must take extra care for that because distance makes the difference to take care of her emotions and attachments. In this modern world, there are lots of ways and means to send soft message cards. You can send flowers across the border at your choice by just do a face-time/video call. In spite of how far away from each other, there are lots of things you can do for your dear one. 
Here are some ways to express your love to your dearest one in a long distance relationship. Send Valentine Card available on the Internet through various websites

1. Send Valentine Card available on the Internet through various websites

2. Send a bouquet of flowers to your lover’s place via special delivery or send flowers online.

3. Set a message via telephone services as a wakeup call for Valentine’s morning, ensuring that the first words your lover hears on Valentine’s Day are either “I love you.”

4. Send singing Valentine mail to surprise your sweetie at home or at the workplace.


5. Send packets of chocolates, candy along with your recent photograph.

6. Send a love letter or put together a scrapbook to send to your lover the following day.

7. Send a poem you wrote yourself.

8. Schedule a chat via messenger toward the end of the evening

9. Promise your dearest one to plan a trip for a weekend.

10. Give surprise gifts like a diamond ring, watch or jewelry to your spouse while you meet on the weekend.

11. In case your spouse has one, consider a gift certificate as a special gift of her choice.


Hope this helps to show your love to your partner in your long distance relationship.


Good  Luck 

Your love Coach Rosemary

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