Tips to heal from a break-up during this pandemic


In order to Heal from that breakup....

1.   Stop acting like a victim of your circumstances.

2.   Give yourself time to reflect on the events leading to the breakup? Were they healthy or not? How did you feel when you knew it was coming to an end? Stop expecting the other party to come and apologize, because they might never give you that platform.

3.   Give yourself time to grief that relationship breakup without blaming yourself for anything that happened.

4.   Do not seek revenge as this will create more pain/grief for you. Take a step back and breathe.

5.   You cannot heal if you also continue to play corrupted and broken scenarios all the time of why the relationship might have ended.

6.   If you always blame other people for your breakup and not take responsibility for what you contributed to the ending of that relationship, then you will remain stuck in your pain.

7.   In order to heal, you have to create a safe environment for your heart as this will encourage a positive mindset. Learn to love yourself first, know your self-worth. As hard as it is, sometimes you actually need that break up for you to discover who you truly are and what relationship you really need in your life.

8.   When the relationship is broken, sometimes folks feel that they might never find love again after this break up, and this keeps them stuck in that zone thinking that they should have known or seen this was coming.

9.  In order to heal, take that break up as a learning tool and improve on your next relationship.

10.               Stop regretting over the time you wasted in that relationship, as this is just pouring more salt onto the wound. Stop asking why it ended, because you might never get closure for the whole situation.

11.               Don’t take the breakup personally, because if you do then you will always think and feel not good enough for love. Remember you are not a bad person, so is your ex. That relationship was the one that ended because it had served its purpose in your life. Look at what you went through, maybe it was not even a healthy relationship, or maybe you were in a relationship with a Narcissist. Take this as a being free from the Jaws of a Shark, you are now free to find what is best for you.





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