The Truth About Grief/Pain/Loss


What Is the Truth About Grief/ Loss?

I know a lot of people have lost their loved ones during this holiday season and I am reaching out to you now to tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers. If you did not lose anyone, you might know someone who did and you had a chance to comfort someone. People have so many definitions of grief and how to deal with it.

Grief or loss is when you lose someone or something you love.

Grieving is a natural process of dealing with your pain for your loss. The truth is it hurts, it sucks and it's painful.

This could be any one of the following:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Job loss
  • Divorce or relationship breakup
  • Retirement/laid off
  • Loss of an investment
  • Serious terminal illness
  • Loss of property eg., house or car
  • loss of a pet

The pain can be overwhelming and sometimes you cannot deal with it. It seems endless and beyond explanation.

Dealing with grief has a lot of negative impacts on you i.e. your body and mind. Take some time to be by yourself so you can figure things out. You need time to cry and let all that pain out. Crying will also help to release all the stuffed emotions in your body and soul.

So, my advice is when you feel you cannot handle the pain, seek professional help before it’s too late. There are healthy ways to deal with your grieving process and talk to someone to help you to find new meaning in life. Most people will turn to a quick fix. Dealing with grief needs time and patience with yourself, most quick fixes don't work. These quick fixes are called,

STERBS:-Short Term Emotional Relieving Behaviours, like drinking too much alcohol, drug abuse, and even prostitution.

Everyone reacts differently to pain. Two people could lose a husband at the same time, but the underlying factors that caused the death of the spouse could be the main reason causing the grief. Sometimes the relationship between the spouses can also add to the gravity of the grief.

Where ever you are my dear remember I am a phone call or an email away. Please get in touch with me if you feel you need help to deal with any loss or grief that you must be struggling with or that could be keeping you awake at night.

Take Care, hope to hear from you soon, don't suffer alone silently, help is out there.




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