Are You Longing To Find Love

Hello dear

Are you currently single, and if so read.

Once upon a time, there was a time in my life when I was close to giving up on love because I had been hurt so badly.

My heart had been hurt too many times and I thought about just throwing in the towel.

Looking back now, of course, this is simply what the mind desires when it wants to avoid repeating a past pain.

The pride and ego shout,

‘Batten down the hatches! We’re not going through that level of pain ever again!

Get small… protect yourself… barely exist!’

And this strategy works! We can absolutely live a small, contracted, ‘safe’ life of barely getting by. People do it every day.

But my dear if you’re receiving this email from me, you aren’t looking to merely exist. You’re looking to thrive. You want to be big, powerful, fully expressed, and fully loved.

So today, I’m going to skip a stone over some of the most significant things you can do to call in an aligned, nourishing love relationship.

The first thing to know… is that the greatest way that anyone can call in an aligned love is to live a deeply self-honoring, joy-filled life.

How would you live your life if you knew you were going to be single forever, and still had to get up and fill your days to the brim with things that brought you deep fulfillment?

Identify those things, and then live that way.

Because it is when we are sourced in our truest essence, and radio-signaling our version of authentic joy out into the world that the right people will notice and resonate with us.

But it doesn’t end there.

Because while living an aligned, nourishing life is a master key in calling in an aligned, nourishing partner… it’s not the whole picture.

There are some sneaky ways that I frequently see people sabotaging their relational efforts.

*They will maintain a friends-with-benefits situation to get their physical needs met, ‘just in the meantime’, while looking for a partner. 

*If you’re energetically tied up with someone, no matter how casual you feel it to be, you will not be fully available for a real relationship, and you will repel people who would have been aligned partners. Plus, casual sex is essentially the practice of disconnecting your heart from your genitals, and this, as a long-term practice, leads people to be disembodied and overly compartmentalized. 

*They will settle for relationship dynamics that aren’t actually true for them. 

Are you ‘trying out polyamory’ or have you simply resigned to the fact that you don’t believe that you can get all of your major emotional needs met through one person?

*They lower their standards… while settling for breadcrumbs across multiple pillars of their lives.

Listen, I get it. Resting in a state of open-hearted yearning is challenging. Allowing yourself to feel hopeful is inherently vulnerable. And it must be done. When we close off our hearts to the world, we guarantee the lack of connection that we say we want. But if we courageously keep our hearts open to the world and allow ourselves to fully feel the weight of our longing, then we will be in a position where we can call in the real thing.

It really does come down to this…

Can I stay open?

Can I long? Can I yearn? Can I let my heart stay blasted open while I call in my forever partner?

Or will I close? Will I take the easy route? Will I shut down my heart, say ‘To hell with it all’, and contract inwards while maintaining a self-protective contortion?

Live an aligned life of joy, passion, courage, and openness…

While avoiding any of the common pitfalls that people use to block their reception…

And it will only be a matter of time until you meet someone who meets you beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Opening to that kind of love will require everything you have. Resilience and Courage will absolutely be required.

But it will be worth it.

I hope that this message finds you well.

Dedicated to you experiencing a relationship so nourishing, so fulfilling… that its beauty and tenderness bring you to tears and the softness of your feminine energy.

Your Love Coach



When you wake up before your partner, why is it important to be quiet? How do you open and close doors in the house? Ever thought about how you have learned to close and open the door and tiptoe around the house like a cat? Most of us have become experts at closing the door ever-so-quietly. do you want to know the secret to closing a door quietly?

Let me teach you how, it sounds obvious when you think about it but it’s a technique and it helps not to disturb your partner’s sleep. None of us want to hear doors being slammed and things being thrown around when we are sleeping.

The best way to close a door quietly is, to close it slowly while using your other hand to push against it in the opposite direction. One hand closing the door, and the other hand resisting the closing of the door. Put simply, oppositional force makes things go smoothly. Most of the time you have to bite your lip a little bit to make sure you are quiet.

What does this have to do with relationships?


Let’s look at it this way. It’s the friction… the opposing forces of our relationships and lives.. the differentness that creates aliveness. Now, I find that the best relationships have a healthy combination of sameness and differentness. Because an excess of friction just creates fire… and unrestrained fire can destroy anything in its path.

These are the secrets to the healthiest relationships. The similarity of values/mission/goals in life… and some differences.

Too much sameness? Flatline. Boring. Dull. Variety is the spice of life right?

Too much differentness? Too much friction. All passion, no commonality. Sure, you want to spend Friday night with them but you definitely don’t want them around on Sunday morning, it clearly means everyone is different and we need to celebrate the differences.

So ask yourself, do you influence each other for the better in your relationships with your partner and family members?

I know you might say, “But Rose, I don’t want anyone to change me. I want them to accept me exactly as I am, forever!” In the real world, it does not work like that, no one survives in a vacuum. Too bad for you!!

Love changes us. Our relationships change us. The people we are closest to shape us.

The important thing is to be discerning enough that you only allow people in your corner who you want to influence and shape you as a person.

The people that we let into our lives… and I mean really let in… is one of the most important decisions we will ever make for our short and long-term health and happiness. So are you keeping peace in the house by simply closing the door quietly behind you? It’s the little things that build or break relationships in life.

I hope that this email finds you well and that this gives you something to chew on.

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Happy New Year to you!

Love Coach