Let me take you on a SELF DISCOVERY JOURNEY, who are you, and what are you looking for?

Have you been Widowed?



Had a Run Away Spouse?

Separated for too long?

Partner just took off with your best friend?

Single by Choice?


Click on the link below to watch this video:- Dating After A Long Dry Spell

To find that Special Relationship or the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE, you have to know your 7 Ws.

WHAT kind of relationships are you looking for, Long Distance, Monogamous, Casual, etc.?

WHO are you really looking for in this new relationship- Qualities, Age, Race, or Location

WHY are you really looking for this relationship anyway, are you Lonely, Desperate?

WHAT is this guy bringing to the table?

WHAT are you bringing to his table too?

WHEN do you plan to start dating or searching, are you Dating Material or Marriage Material Yet?

WHERE are you going to search; On-line, Blind Dates, Speed Dating, or Arranged?

As a woman who has been SINGLE FOR SO LONG, you are stuck in your Single World, and now believe it is impossible to find love again, after The Long Dry Spell?

In your mind, it has now become a BELIEF SYSTEM.

Do you feel not good enough? But are you ready to reprogram your mind at all?

Do you feel jealous when you are among your friends and family that seem to be in very happy relationships?

Do you feel like On-Line Dating sites are all scams, because you have tried them but, still can’t find that man of your dreams?

Have you been falling for the emotionally unavailable men who will not settle down with you but, turn around and marry someone else in 6 months?

Do you seem like you were doing most of the work to keep the relationship together, texting, reminding him to call you, you were the chaser instead of him chasing you?

You have gone on a lot of first dates from different sites but, have not gotten a call back for a second date?

You have been waiting to be chosen instead of you choosing the man you want?

Are your standards too high?

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Let me know how we can help you. Book your free session with us and we will take you through the Self Discovery journey to see where you are at and match to where you want to be in the future.

Love you Lots and I want you to find Love Again.


The Secret to finding love is, “If you believe that you deserve to be loved, you will attract a positive, fulfilling and healthy relationship into your life.”

If you want to be noticed in the Singles Arena, then you have to be comfortable with really getting deeper about what makes up the real you, your Character, and your Power?.

For you to be unique you have to start accepting yourself e.g., people will give you compliments about your outfits, don’t water them down by saying, “Oh you mean this cheap thing, I bought from a secondhand store.” That’s giving too much information; it’s not that person’s business to know where you bought unless they ask.


1). Change The Way You Look and Treat Yourself.

Remember when you were in love once, you used to find out with enthusiasm what he liked and sometimes mimicked him, you dressed well and smelt well.

Now you are no longer with him and you have put yourself on the sidelines why?

So, you only look after yourself when a guy shows interest in you?

In order to fall in love with yourself, you have to put the same effort in your life and those around you.

 Look at your past, what have you learnt from it, that you can use to change your future.

 Revisit your relationships with those around you. How do they relate to you?  Be more present in your work, personal life and dreams.

Think about this for a minute?

You used to have this huge smile when you thought about him. Now reverse engineer those feelings towards you.

Have you ever wondered why some guys break up with and they keep coming

back? Do you know why some people don’t even want anything to do with you?

What makes you unique?

 Always strive to develop yourself so that you become the best version of yourself.

“Don’t Be A YES, Woman All the Time. It’s

Boring!! Here is a secret.

Men need to know that they have worked for something and have earned it;

otherwise, they will not value it. It’s very important to keep these men on their toes.

Men want to know if you have an opinion. If you don’t have one, then you are boring and you will get them yawning in no time on a date. Am sure there have been dates where you fight a yawn so hard that you start coughing!!

Giving your opinion and showing that you are interested in getting to know more about this guy, is key to creating that connection to be:

  1. He will feel intrigued.
  2. He gets curious about you.

Most women think that showing, they have an opinion will chase the men away, NO!! Just be careful not to be sarcastic about your opinions, be fun and respectful.

 Check back at your previous dates, why didn’t he call you when he said he would? You probably bored this guy to death, he did not want to be rude, to call you and break up with you. The best way out was to ghost you, hence no second date.

 Don’t be a chronic people pleaser, by trying to please everyone. Have a backbone and learn to say no and mean it.

Do not sacrifice who you are for the sake of a relationship, e.g., have sex when you are not ready just so that you don’t lose this man? Huge mistake.

Remember you are the prize/queen in this equation. You are a catch!

If you want to find love after a long dry spell, then you have to do things differently, because of your old ways did not work.

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