Professional Speaker, Author, Life Transformation Coach & Retreat Leader.

“Who wants to work or live around a grumpy and cranky boss, colleague or partner?”


Rosemary’s captivating message, of Healing, Clarity & Transformation comes from her extensive understanding of, Emotional Intelligence, Grief, Domestic Violence, Compassion Fatigue –Caregiver Stress, Vicarious Trauma/Direct or Indirect Trauma due to Workplace Stress, Resilience, Employees Wellness.

What is Your Balance?

Struggling with creating and maintaining healthy relationships at work and in your personal life? Rosemary’s messages will help you to reset your Self-Sabotaging Mindset to bring growth, clarity and increase productivity in your organization and personal life.

At the end of the presentations, her attendees have “take aways,” they can immediately implement in their current situation, challenges and, be able to live beyond stereo-types.

Her Motto is “Healing is a Choice.” No amount of money can buy peace of mind.


Looking to be equipped with tools to tackle life’s obstacles as change agents to your personal lives. Improve your organization’s quality and quantity production and profit levels?

Are you ready to discover how...

1. To be determined and take massive action to transform your productivity.

2. To be your own change agent in your personal lives and organizations.

3. To be very disciplined, motivated and resilient.

4. To have an open mind while embracing the change process.

5. To be accountable and take responsibility for your actions, so you can get the results you have always wanted.

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My job as a speaker is to bring Healing, Clarity and Transformation on the issues that are affecting your Workplace Wellness, Productivity and Relationships in your organizations.

I am here to meet and exceed your expectations as you plan your Employees’ Wellness Programs, Job Evaluations and Job Analysis, conferences and workshops.

If you are interested in working with me, fill out the form below and let’s start the conversation of booking me for a presentation.

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    Rosemary T Mupambwa, is a Professional Speaker, Author, Life Transformational & Relationship Coach as well as a Retreat Leader.

    She is on a mission to help busy professionals and organizations on “How To”, get Clarity, Redefine their goals, Transformation and Healing from Grief/Domestic Violence, overcome Compassion Fatigue and create healthy Relationships in workplaces and families.

    Clarity on how we let our personal lives affect our productivity at work and vice versa.

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    1. Nonverbal Influence/Communication. Becoming an effective leader and influence without speaking a word, through body language.

    2. The Truth about Grief and how it affects organizations and personal lives from Domestic Violence, Workplace Violence and Personal Loss.

    3. Running on Empty- Understanding and how to overcome Compassion Fatigue, Caregiver stress due to stress, among helping professionals and family care-givers.

    4. Emotional Intelligence - How it affects Organizations and Personal Lives. Identifying Trauma Direct/Secondary Trauma how this affects both employees and Organizations productivity and Welfare.

    5. Resilience should be on your to do list. Becoming a change agent through mindset shifts to create positive change and live beyond your stereo types.

    6. Work and Life Balance - Cultivating skills to bounce back. Dealing with stress and the uncertainty due to the Covid 19

    7. Overcome adversity and become your own Boss. The future empowered, strong and fearless man/woman to dominate in the boardroom, personal life and to lead unapologetically.

    8. Life is not a One Size Fits All - Remember there is NO Elevator to SUCCESS, taking the stairs will take you to the top with confidence and experience. What is your Balance?

    9. Becoming a Love Magnet - The Dating secrets and Dating Smart. Creating healthy lasting relationships.

    Speaker Profile

    • Author – “Exhume or Heal, A Widow Getting Her Groove Back.”
    • Speaker and Workshop Organizer/Host
    • Life Transformational and Relationship Coach
    • Retreat Leader
    • Emcee at events
    • Was a College Lecturer
    • Social Work and Sociology Background
    • Extensive experience working in the Mental Health field, Compassion fatigue, Direct/Indirect Trauma
    • Domestic Violence Counselor

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