Single Mothers. What do you know about them?


Before dating a single mother, here is what you need to know.

If you are a single mother, this is a reminder of what a heroin you are, the queen that has raised the world single handedly. It's time to light up your crown and let it shine once again.

If you were raised by a single mother, here is what you have over looked about your mother.

Respect to you all and we honour your courage, tenacity, resilience and fearlessness.

Dear Single Mothers-

What do you know about them?


Single mothers are those courageous women that have raised their children without the benefit of a male figure present.

a). Single motherhood can be a choice when a woman decides to have children and keeps the dad out of the picture completely. She gets pregnant and the guy is not given the benefit to father that child at all.

b). Single motherhood can be inevitable when the woman is widowed, divorced, and has a runaway husband.

c). Some mothers could have made a mistake and got pregnant and the guy becomes a sperm donor and he disappears, the moment the women announces about the pregnancy. In which case the woman then has the choice to either carry to child full term or have an abortion.

In this case the single mothers must be given all the respect and love they deserve because the have decided to bring this precious child into the world in which the dad went AOL.

d). Sometimes some married women are single mothers too in that their husbands or partners do not contribute a dime in the raising of the children and putting food on the table. In this case they are as good as being single mothers as they are the breadwinners supporting the children and the husband.

Which is better ladies??

1. These are the women that do so much more with so much less, the sleepless nights, the multiple visits to the emergency in the middle of the night and yet they wake up and go to work in the morning, like nothing happened. Single mothers agree that even when they are overwhelmed they usually find a way out and they do it with grace.

2. These are the women that carry shame and fear about their status.

3. They beat themselves up because they strive to provide more for their families.

4. They juggle between their jobs, finding childcare, children school and extra curricula activities and the society at large.

5. They love their children jut like the married women do.

6. They work hard jut like the married women do and may be ever harder because remember she is the breadwinner for the household.

7. They also suffer from the internal work and life debate just like the married women do and even worse because if they lose their jobs who will put food on the table?

8. These are the women that have gone through identity crisis as their status might have changed overnight or in matter of seconds.

My question is why are single mothers not given the respect they deserve?

Why do they have to live with the shame of raising children without the benefit of a male figure in their lives?

Some will say, “How can you be so dumb to be impregnated by that loser?”

“How can you be blind sided?”

Single motherhood is not a curse ladies ok!

Now lets talk about


1. Do not let the critical opinions and statements from individuals who have idea what circumstance/situation that brought you to where you are today put you down

2. You need to start rebranding yourself, to be your own captain of your women ship and you can open and close your door to who ever you want to join you in your ship.

3. Don’t cut the communication with the biological father if there is an option to keep in the child’s life.

4. Be open to sharing parenthood if possible as the children will resent you later if they find out that

you denied them the chance of having their dad in their lives. Let the children make that decision.

5. Do not chase the man’s wallet just to get child support, chase the heart so that there is mutual love for the children. The thing is ladies, if you get the child’s heart and that of the baby daddy, you will get the wallet without any sweat.

6. The children are like video camera on wheels, as they will record everything, this is how they will treat their future partners. So be mindful, ladies.





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