Resetting Your Life Handbook. "A TRIUMPHANT SNAPBACK" Healing for Divorcees, Heartbroken and Widowed.

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Have you ever wondered why you have not healed or moved forward after your loss?

How would it feel to be able to move forward with your life after your loss/grief?

Don’t put your life in Park Mode or put conditions to your happiness until you find healing. This Handbook is going to help you heal your wounds, repair your broken heart and give you peace to accept the pain that has broken you into pieces. This Handbook is ideal for anyone that has experienced any form of grief: e.g. widowhood, divorce, heartbreak, job loss, ill health, loss of property or moved to a new environment etc.

This Handbook will help you from getting stuck in your “Poor Me Mindset,” treating yourself as a victim, blaming other people for your pain as well as living like a prisoner of your loss/past. You will be equipped with solutions to deal with your grief. Seeking revenge will not heal your pain but only makes it toxic and turns into the Baggage.

Grief is by no means a one size fits all, nor is it a quick fix. Take what works for you from this book and run with it. There is life after loss but, it’s a journey to get there. Most people do not know how to deal with the pain that they have experienced. This book touches on the key points about healing, life transformation after your loss and how to rediscover your identity. It is during this time of loss that you the bereaved, feel you need something to refer to and give you the hope that you can still have a life after grieving, hence the reason you are reading this Blurb.

Grieving is a learned behavior that you can also unlearn and let go of that depilating pain.


What choice are you making for your life today?


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