Reignite Your Feminine Power Program

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WHAT IS FEMININE POWER AND WHY YOU NEED IT Feminine Power is the power that is within you, It is the secret weapon to solve your life obstacles like insecurities, low self esteem, low self confidence. Its that spark in you that has been destroyed through your painful past and now you feel finding happiness is too far fetched.

This is key to finding your independence and getting your power back from the Trauma/Grief from your past. You have lost your power to your pain and it’s time to Regain, Rejuvenate and Reignite that power back.

Men need women to bring life into the world, so we carry power within us. Losing the femininity in us has disempowered us totally.

Women are powerful and resourceful beings. They are flexible, dynamic, fluid, soft and robust when we are connected to Feminine Power.

When we talk about Feminine Power, it is about being able to handle, control and address your emotions as well as your feelings. In order to create a healthy and safe environment to start a healing journey and find love again, it is crucial that you cultivate your Feminine Power again.

  • Feminine Power helps women to awaken that sense of power to re-create that life and world that you have always dreamt to live in and be part of.
  • It helps you to unleash the power to change your life, find your destiny and step authentically into the brighter world that is meant for you.
  • Feminine Power helps you to have the confidence to be more visible and be recognized for your beauty of instead always putting yourself down and thinking you are not good enough for anything.
  • Feminine Power helps you to create and maintain limitless energy to break free from barriers and blockages that could be causing chronic fear to move forward with your journey to find love.
  • Feminine Power helps you to transform your relationships that you are in or those in the future. It helps you in the creation of more intimacy with your relations.
  • Feminine Power also helps in breaking old self-limiting patterns and have the strength and wisdom to maintain those new health patterns that you create afresh. The old self-limiting patterns are the ones that got you where you now and kept you stuck. You might have wondered why you keep falling for the same bad guys, or going around in circles making the same mistakes over and over again.
  • This is reason that you sometimes feel like something is missing to help you put the puzzle of your life together.
  • You feel restless to find the solution but, alas you missed the turn of your solution again!
  • As women we should remember that being Feminine is Power in itself.

Growing up, we have been groomed by the patriarchy world, that being feminine is being weak, and yet it is our greatest gifts.

It makes women attractive, sexy, powerful, tenacious and enticing.

As women we need to take our power back and start thriving again.

5 reviews for Reignite Your Feminine Power Program

  1. Gamuchirai Tausu

    I am very grateful for this program and very proud of myself for taking the step to a better me. With this program I was able to really pin point at last the biggest thing that has been holding me back for many years. It allowed to really look back and answer some difficult questions I have been running away from. A lot of things I had not identified and would not have, if it was not for partaking in this program. I feel like i am ready to accept myself, forgive and embark on this this new journey! Thank you Rose!

  2. Tasha

    So grateful for this program. I managed to open up all my bandaged wounds and deal with them. I realized I had a lot of unresolved grief from all that I had gone through growing up and when I was an adult. I had to deal with it in order for me to move on. I was able to accept everything that happened and forgive myself . Now I Feel like a new person. Thank you for this. Looking forward to more programs.

  3. Mary

    You are a very inspiring woman and have given great insight on life as a woman as well. This program has helped me open up my heart and really listen and focus on certain things that I have not talked about ever. I am able to forgive people more easy and move on to other things in my life. Thank you for sharing your story with us and please continue to guide and help us heal.

  4. Kimberly Maponga

    This is a very good program. It has made me realize how much baggage I was carrying. I thought I had closed some chapters but, this module made me realize that I hadn't closed them yet. I think I am ready to take the next step in my life which is Happiness Over Everything # H.O.E.
    It also helped to realize the root of all my problems which was great!!
    Thanks Rosemary and continue the great work you are doing helping women heal their past wounds.

  5. Takudzwa Hazel Maponga

    This program is an eye opener. It gave me time to reflect back on things I thought I had let go, but actually had not, and had to go through it again so that I REALLY LET IT GO,GROW,BE BETTER AND HAPPY.

    Thank you so much Rose.

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