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This program provides a Premium class with EXTENDED coaching services in Mindset Change, Forgiveness, Healing your Heart after Divorce, Heartbreak or Widowhood.

Transformation/Healing of your past and learn to re-Pattern your Self-Limiting Beliefs.

Fix your crown King or Queen and be UNBREAKABLE AND UNSTOPPABLE 

It is designed to provide you with extensive personal services to match your story.

This program will go through the Grief/Trauma Inventory and will not leave any stone unturned, getting right to the root of the problem. It will help you fix how you are telling your story to the world and to reset "What Was" to the best version of "What Is," moving forward.

"To live a limitless life, you have to deal with that which keeps you awake."

Your story has shaped you to be here today. Be the courageous woman/man who is not scared to transform life into what you were meant to be. To help you tap into your inner self by disrupting the Self-Limiting Beliefs and Self-Sabotage thoughts/behaviors in Relationships, Career, and Spiritual Life.

Don't leave the, "It's Good Enough Life." You were meant to live an abundant and stress-free life.

From being STUCK this program will catapult you to a new level, that you never thought imaginable, create new goals, vision, and a new purpose for your life that is congruent to your values

You will be equipped with the excellent tools to create the relationships you have always wanted.

  1. Self Assessment - Grief/Trauma Inventory to get to the root of the problem.
  2. Mindset Shift-Self Limiting Beliefs of what is keeping you stuck.
  3. Self-Esteem- Confidence in Relationships, Spiritual, and Business aspects of your life.
  4. Forgiveness vs Revenge Inventory- get your Power Back.
  5. Transformation- Healing Your Heart and set new goals and a vision that is congruent with your values.
  6. Are you Dating Material yet? - Rebranding/Re-patterning of your old Dating Skills.
  7. Be the Savvy, Sexy, Confident individual ready to face the world again.
  8. Learn how to be a Love Magnet, start thriving, and live a new life full of Purpose and find Love again.
  9. Get fully empowered to start Dating Smart, Creating and maintaining Boundaries, and learning to say NO and mean it.
  10. Learn the tools to Overcome Compassion Fatigue -Caregiver Stress ( as a single parent).


  1. A print copy of Exhume or Heal (worth $27).
  2. 15 hours of face to face or IM call for remote client sessions.
  3. Free Ebook on How to Get Your Groove Back.
  4. Follow-up coaching and assessments.

9 months program, 10 calls and 1-1 consultations, 15 emails


  1. roseslifecoaching

    Wow madzimai this is good it feels like me

    You put it out there so beautifully I love this it's good for people like me trying to get our life's back true we want our children to be something they don't want to be. This makes me look at myself thank you for letting me read this wow. Edna from Edmonton

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