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Exhume or Heal, A Widow’s Memoir Getting Her Groove Back.

Are you ready to bury your past once and for all, so you can become fully confident to face your future with zeal for new opportunities?

Are you ready to stop struggling silently and painfully trying to fix your painful past yourself?

This powerful book will help you see what has been keeping you awake at night, stuck in your pain and creating turmoil in your life.

What if all your questions will be answered in this book?

You will learn what has been preventing you from living your highest potential by:

  • Getting answers for the unresolved and complicated grief of your past, caused by your divorce, heartbreak, or widowhood.
    • Do you feel like you always emotionally vomit on people around you?
    • Do you always feel like your like if going round and round in circles and getting nowhere?
    • Do you ever self-doubt your every move in life and always wonder if you will ever reach your highest potential?
    • Do you have lots of tangled-up emotions from your past that are messing u your life today?
  • Experiencing an epic journey of self-discovery that will thrust you to another side of your pain, finding healing and joy.
  • Overcoming the worst fogs faced by widows/divorcees, helping you to defeat the “What is the point and poor me mindset,” which has kept many people stuck in their pain/past.
  • Learning how to stop suffering silently and move forward with your life seamlessly and sooner than you think.
  • Knowing how to demystify your old beliefs, self-limitations, and self-doubts, creating a new fresh awakening that you have been yearning for.
  • Overcoming your own fears, insecurities, write your own blueprint to create healthy and powerful relationships both at home and in your career.
  • Becoming a force to be reckoned with, when you control what you say, words are powerful.
  • Understanding how to stop being a prisoner of your own negative mental chatter, control your own feelings, and how you can positively transform the trajectory of your life today.
  • Forgiving, letting go of your past and reset the old belief systems that are not serving you today,
  • Get rid of the hopelessness and bitterness caused by your grief/loss and get your Groove Back.

This book will teach how to effectively and efficiently embrace your past and your pain, so you can find how to deal with your pain.

You cannot heal from what you don’t know.

This will forever shift the relationship you have with your past, yourself, family and friends, your future relationships and of course prosperity.

Your world will change once you come into alignment with who you really are underneath all that pain.

The results will show up when you follow this particular formula in my book.

Being a widow myself, I wrote this book so I can help you create your own reality after you go through the Self Inventory of your past. This will shift your Self Image, removing all the misconceptions or self-limiting beliefs that have prevented you from achieving your highest potential.

You will learn how to use your past as a lesson for your future and create your happily ever after, a life full of peace, abundance and love.

You will learn how to stop being a prisoner of your own mental chatter and how to finally use your own mind for what it is truly a powerful tool in your daily living.

This book will teach you how to have a restful night's sleep, reduce stress, and how to make major decisions efficiently and consistently.

It will also give you the confidence to have those hard conversations that you had been ignoring or having no courage to tackle.

You will learn how to create and enjoy personal satisfaction eliminating your fears, uncertainty, anxiety destroying all self-limiting beliefs from your past bringing you in alignment with your true self and your future aspirations.

This book will blow your socks off and help you transform how you view your life and the world as a whole.

Page 1:   Will teach how Tomorrow Is Never Promised, Grief Paralysis, how to deal with single parenting and how to help children grieve.

Page 13: Widowhood Or Divorce Never Comes With A Manual, but this book will show you things you need to know so you can brace yourself for some nasty and insensitive things people will say to you, documents you need to carry with you and all the widowhood tasks to be done, the unplanned and planned firsts- these are events which you have to deal with alone for the first when your partner is gone.

Page 32: How To Deal With Your Late Husband’s Benefits (widow's benefits)

Page 35: Don’t Bond With Your Widowhood Baggage, the what-if zone, and the myths of healing your past.

Page 48: Ways To Grief And The Steps Of Grieving

Page 51:   Self Healing, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” (Bob Marley) Get rid of fear Prayer, to help you deal with your fears of the unknown future.

Page 81: Forgiveness, Do Widows Need To Forgive Too? Steps to achieving Forgiveness. This is for you, not the perpetrator.

Page 92: How To Exit The Dark Place Into Transformation, make lasting and significant changes in your life.

Page 100: Grateful People Win. Stop being so critical about everything and everyone in life. Gratitude helps people cope with pain better than blame-shifting.

Page 120: How To Find Your Identity After Your Grief/Loss. You were once a Mrs., now you not sure whether you are Miss or Ms…….

Page 130: How To Love Yourself And Practise Self Care, if I were to ask you this question, “Would you marry yourself today.” What would be your response?

Do you want to learn how to Love again? If so, you can still find love again.

  • This book prepares you to get back into the Dating Scene, after A Long Dry Spell with a plan to find the right relationship that works for you.
  • Are you ready to crack the exterior of your hardened shell to find love again?
  • It equips you with techniques for Dating Smart, and how to become A Love Magnet to attract a soul mate that’s right for you, instead of going back on the merry-go-round of heartbreaks and frustrations.

Page 151: Finding Love Again. Do you still feel like you are cheating on your ex or late spouse? You earn what kind of relationships are out there.

Page 172: Meeting Men Again, the types of men out there and which ones will work for you.

Page 186: Are You Dating Material Yet? Are you ready to take the next chapter of your life, turn the page of singleness yet?

Page 197: How To Be Savvy, Empowered, And Confident Again.

Page 216: How To Date Smart Again and not waste time with all these time wasters that are nothing else but heartbreakers. You don’t need any more pain in your life again.

Page 232: How To Know If This New Guy Is Really Into You. The red flags to watch out for during the early stages of your dating journey.

Rosemary has a gift of helping people identify and heal the true causes of what is holding them back and helps recreate the future they have been longing for, without fears, pain, and regrets

This is a MUST READ BOOK, as it addresses several obstacles and how to overcome them seamlessly.

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