AUDIO VERSION of "Exhume or Heal, A Widow's Memoir, Getting Her Groove Back"

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Exhume Or Heal. A Widow’s Memoir, Getting Her Groove Back - AUDIO VERSION
THE AUDIO VERSION is for those that can listen and drive or go by to their daily activities and enjoy this wonderful book and learn from others' past life experiences.
This courageous woman got tired of crying herself to sleep, after suffering from unresolved and complicated grief. She took it upon herself to do something about her pain. She has become a firecracker for widows, divorcees, and other singles, to help them get their power back, instead of being stuck in their pain or grief.
The author confidently shows you that there is life after grief/pain from divorce, widowhood, heartbreaks, and how to exit the dark place when you are ready to give up.
“Exhume or Heal. A Widow’s Memoir, Getting Her Groove Back,” is a book about a widow’s journey from the time she lost her husband till she found healing, love, new purpose, and transformation in her life.
Rosemary has a gift of helping people identify and heal the true causes of what is holding them back and helps recreate the future they have been longing for, without fears, pain, and regrets
This powerful book will help you see what has really been keeping you awake at night, stuck in your pain. What if all your questions will be answered in this book?
You will learn what has been preventing you from living your highest potential by:

  • Getting answers for your unresolved and complicated grief.
  • Experiencing an epic journey of self-discovery that will thrust you to another side of your pain, finding healing and joy.
  • Overcoming the worst fogs faced by widows/divorcees, helping you to defeat the “What is the point and poor me mindset,” which has kept many people stuck in their pain/past.
  • Learning how to stop suffering silently and move forward with your life seamlessly and sooner than you think.
  • Knowing how to demystify your old beliefs, self-limitations, and self-doubts creates a new fresh awakening that you have been yearning for.
  • Overcoming your own fears, insecurities, write your own blueprint to create healthy and powerful relationships both at home and in your career.
  • Becoming a force to be reckoned with, when you control what you say, words are powerful.
  • Understanding how to stop being a prisoner of your own negative mental chatter, control your own feelings, and how this, can positively transform the trajectory of your life today.
  • Forgiving, letting go of your past, and resetting the old belief systems that are not serving you today,
  • Get rid of the hopelessness and bitterness caused by your grief/loss and get your Groove Back.

Do you want to learn how to love again? If so, you can still find love again.

  • This book prepares you to get back into the Dating Scene, after A Long Dry Spell with a plan to find the right relationship for you.
  • It equips you with techniques for Dating Smart, and how to become A Love Magnet to attract your soul mate, instead of going back on the merry-go-round of heartbreaks and frustrations.
  • It’s all about being in alignment with your future aspirations and using your pain as a lesson to move forward.

This is a MUST READ BOOK, as it addresses several obstacles and how to overcome them seamlessly.

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