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Shifting Forward '24

Tiny Shifts Forward,.. Making Massive Transformation!! 

Come for a Magical Experience, rediscover your inner voice, and turn this experience into actionable reality.

Come Join Rosemary T. Mupambwa

WHEN: June 17 – 22nd, 2024
WHERE: Osoyoos, British

Are you a hard-working woman, a heart-based entrepreneur/professional who’s CRAVING time to unplug, clear your mind, rejuvenate, refresh, and refill your spiritual cup?

Then come and join us for 5 days of deep immersion into the pristine nature of the Osoyoos Dessert, in the Canadian Province of British Columbia. There you’ll have the time to re-connect with your inner compass and come back home with a renewed passion for all you’re creating in your life, relationships, and business.


  • You’ve attended all of the conferences, went for therapy, watched webinars, taken a lot of courses, and read books, BUT
  • You find yourself stressed out, confused, doubting yourself, and overwhelmed by decisions and you stay stuck… you no longer hear the sound of your voice…
  • You’re craving a time and space to go inward and find who you are, apply what you know inside, to find answers…..
  • You’re ready to be UNCOMFORTABLY honest about where you are, how you got there, and what you truly desire so that you can start “SHIFTING FORWARD”….
  • Step into the NEW version yourself that is waiting for you on the other side.
  • How would you feel, if you could….

    • Confidently step into your authentic self, unafraid to be seen and heard…
    • Discover lasting freedom from negative thoughts, shame, and self-judgment.
    • Change your mission to remove all internal barriers to following your heart, trusting yourself, making powerful choices, forgiving, connecting to others, and pursuing a life that you love.
    • Have confidence in your abilities and clarity about your goals – no longer held back by self-doubt and uncertainties
    • Transform your vision into a tangible reality, release insecurity, and limiting beliefs, to become more confident than ever before
    • Create meaningful connections with others who have also undergone transformational experiences – a support system throughout your growth journey.

    What You Will Walk Away With…

    • Aligned Action: A more direct connection to your deepened, clear inner wisdom and inner guidance of yourself resulting in a massive breakthrough in business/work relationships, romantic, familial, and friendships
    • Authenticity: You will have the courage to embrace your authentic self, free from societal expectations and limitations.
    • Purposeful Decision-Making: Armed with a clear vision of your goals and values, you will make purposeful decisions aligned with your true self.
    • Empowered Relationships: You will establish meaningful connections with like-minded women who have also undergone transformational experiences creating lasting friendships.
    • Crush Indecision and uncertainty. Discover lasting freedom from negative thoughts, shame, and judgment. Make powerful choices in your life
    • A deeper sense of Clarity, peace, and calm that you can bring into everything you do moving forward.
    • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: You will recognize and break free from limiting beliefs, release insecurity, and become more confident once held back.
    • Become an Inspiration to Others: As you evolve and grow, your newfound confidence and authenticity will inspire those around you.
    • Manifest more abundance, fun, and freedom in life, and learn to love yourself self, fully.
    • A Relaxed Rejuvenated and re-inspired body, mind, and spirit.

    What You'll Experience at The Retreat

    • Through meditation, prayer, ceremony, and connection during the sistership circle, you’ll expand your consciousness and practice cultivating the compassion and loving-kindness of the sisterhood within (for others, and most importantly – for yourself).
    • Healing of the sister wound, parent wound, and societal judgment
    • Creating a new you can be scary, but the reward, relief, and revitalization that come with it are priceless
    • Confidence, readiness to go deep, heal, connect, and create all new possibilities for yourselves and the world
    • This trip is designed to strengthen your connection to your inner wisdom, love, and compassion.
    • In this challenging world of ours, learning to put the Sistership Circles (Sisterhood), teachings into practice in our lives and businesses (in the most practical of ways!) is the focus of our group time together.
    Our Shifting Forward Retreat Is

    An immersive and intimate 5-day, 5-night experience where you’ll become radically honest, with yourself, about where you are, where you want to go, and what’s in the way. You will connect with your inner voice, embrace transformation, and gain the clarity you need to make the shifts needed to bring your vision to reality as a purpose-driven woman. with your inner voice, embrace transformation, and gain the clarity you need to make the shifts needed to bring your vision to reality as a purpose-driven woman. 

    Created and facilitated by global Relationship, and Life Coach, Reiki Master, along with a Retreat Leader, Rosemary T. Mupambwa of RosesLife Coaching, You will receive live coaching, breathwork, meditation, deep mindset work, and soul-searching visualizations, designed to give you the space and support to cut through the noise and apply immediately everything you’ve learned.

    What To Expect





    Thats In You

    Be prepared as we are going DEEP, to unlock what’s holding you back, get clear on what it is you want, and map out tangible strategies to get you there!

    Join me and a group of like-minded souls on the path to stepping into who you truly are – behind the mask, behind the titles. Step into the next level of your personal and professional journey!

    Pre-Event Virtual Workshop

    Get to know the other attendees before the event at our pre-event workshop where we will set our intentions for the day and connect.

    Three Days of Group Coaching

    We will dig deep and uncover your truth to get the clarity and guidance you need to bring your vision to life as a purpose-driven woman.

    Through a series of custom workshops, and sistership circles, you will leave this experience with tangible strategies (and accountability) to break through roadblocks in relationships, life, and business.

    Get to know the other attendees before the event at our pre-event workshop where we will set our intentions for the day and connect.

    Breakout Group Workshops

    This isn’t about learning from one person, but connecting and learning from each other and leaving wiser than before. We work with our clients to process emotional blocks, remove stress, address body image issues, clear uncertainty in relationships, abolish fear over finances, and even eradicate anxiety about major life changes.

    Breathwork /Meditation Session

    Experience the transformational power of breathwork during this guided session where you will release what no longer serves you and elevate your mindset.

    Meet a Community of Like-Minded Souls

    Connect with others who are on the same personal and professional journey as you.

    Build a sisterhood community for more inspiration.

    Shifting Forward Workbook

    Your copy of this custom workbook with guided exercises and prompts you’ll be able to come back to well after the event as you navigate your journey.

    Welcome to Osoyoos, British Columbia

    The Venue

    Your rooms have a beautiful lake view

    Osoyoos is celebrated for its diverse natural beauty, featuring desert landscapes, mountains, vineyards, and the renowned Osoyoos Lake, known as the warmest lake in Canada.

    Our Retreat Venue prides itself on being one of the finest lakeside hotels in British Columbia. The venue prides itself on being one of the finest lakeside hotels in British Columbia. It is strategically located on a scenic peninsula, and the hotel sits at the heart of Lake Osoyoos. Accommodation has standard rooms and suites both single and double occupancy with a huge promise to guests of stunning views. The location is perfect for business travelers and holiday adventurers. It’s situated in one of the finest lakeside hotels in British Columbia. Located hotels in British Columbia.

    It has a onsite fantastic restaurant, the Sol Grill Room & Lounge with fresh Cuisine from local farms.

    Come enjoy the awe-inspiring lake views from Sol’s skyline view while enjoying some of the best-rated cuisine in the South Okanagan, of British Columbia.

    Your Room Choices

    Single Occupancy - Holiday Inn Osooyos, British Columbia

    Single Occupancy/Lakefront

    Double Occupancy - Holiday Inn Osooyos, British Columbia

    Double Occupancy/Lakefront

    Osoyoos boasts of Canada’s warmest lake, with a beautiful private beach and private island, the resort gives its guests unparalleled access to warm waters and summer fun. The resort is situated beside its own Marina and offers boat moorage, as well as watercraft rentals to its valued guests. Savor the long summer evenings and enjoy a beautiful stroll along our luscious private beach and watch the sun set behind the mountains.

    Whats Included


    Breakfast and Dinner at the Resort are included in this program starting with Dinner on June 17th and ending with Breakfast on June 22nd, 2024

    Bottled water throughout our journey


    5 nights and 5 days at this beautiful resort listening to the sound of the waves from the lake and birds singing from the trees underneath your windows.

    The Resort is in the heart of the tranquil and lush of Osoyoos, and the Okanagan Valley.

    Airport Pick up and Drop Off

    Airport Transfers from Penticton to Osoyoos, British Columbia. For Kelowna You Must Arrange Your Own Ride to and From The Airport.


    Drive to the local Wineries, for wine-tasting tours and orchards, and pick your fruit. Excursion to the highest point of Osoyoos for a view to die for and you can see the Washington Border USA from this point. Visit the Spotted Lake which is known to the First Nations People of the Osoyoos area as kłlilx’w, and it is a sacred site that has been considered a revered place of healing for centuries. The belief is that each of the different circles holds its own unique medicinal and healing properties.

    Empowerment Workshops

    Group personal and professional development workshops and coaching. Clients receive therapeutic group session work, and group coaching strategy sessions to dive even deeper into the foundational work that will be built, collectively, as a group of empowered individuals who are dedicated to their success. 
    1-1 Coaching (Per Request)

    Sister Ship Circles

    To dig deep into what has been holding you back and turn that pain into actionable reality.

    The sistership circles break down radical honesty, self-discovery, mindset shifts, and emotional courage into a series of breakout workshops,

    small group activities, and life-changing fun and conversation.

    Photoshoot Session

    Group and individual photo shoots to commemorate the experience

    Meet a Community

    Connect with others who are on the same personal and professional journey as you.

    Build a sisterhood community for more inspiration during and after the retreat.

    Pre-Retreat Zoom

    A pre-retreat Zoom class to meet and greet other retreaters and to set the intent for our 5-day stay/journey together and to set the intent for our Retreat

    The Highlights

    • Flying into Penticton which is 1 hour from Kelowna, the next biggest city from Penticton
    • Pick-up from the airport will be waiting for you to take you to Osoyoos.
    • The drive from the airport across the lush valleys of Okanagan Valley is filled with breathtaking scenery to Osoyoos, so bring your cameras
    • The best and biggest wineries in Canada are found in Oliver next to Osoyoos, British Columbia
    • Enjoy some of the best warmest beaches in Canada with the warmest waters in the Osoyoos Lake which surrounds the venue.
    • There is a private beach and an island to go for a morning serene walk in the bushes with the lake on both sides.
    • Attend a sacred Sistership Circle to dig deep into what has been holding you back, let go of the pain, and come out stronger than before
    • Turn the knowledge and teachings into actionable reality
    • Make friends for life with the other women so you form new authentic friendships.

    Whats Not Included

    • Your flights to and from Penticton, British Columbia
    • Other non-included items would be excess baggage charges & and airport taxes if applicable.
    • Transport to the airport to and from your house
    • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance (REQUIRED!)
    • Alcoholic beverages and sodas at the hotel.
    • Souvenirs, phone calls, laundry, etc.
    • Any lunches and dinners you buy during your trip to and from Penticton, British Columbia
    • If you come early to explore Osoyoos, British Columbia, that is not included in our trip.
    • Any extras that are not included in our package.
    • Tips for the maids (we recommend you leave $2-5 per person per day) (Optional)
    • Any extra tips you’d like to give for your amazing local guides and our driver (beyond what I am gifting them)

    The Cuisine

    Experience exceptional service featuring a local wine selection and seasonal cuisine. 

    Wake up to a delicious breakfast from 7:00 am to 11:00 am daily. Open for dinner service from[enter time here].

    One of the best restaurants in the Okanagan Valley of BC.

    You will enjoy breathtaking views of Osoyoos Lake from every seat. Perfect for this Retreat to unwind and unplug.

    Food is Fresh from Local Farmers.

    You Might Ask, Yourself Should I Join You?

    That’s a YES if…

    • You’re longing for an infusion of inspiration in your life and business.
    • Your heart is ready to stretch its boundaries.
    • You feel like it’s time to move the needle up a notch and challenge yourself more deeply.
    • Your soul is feeling a bit parched, and you need some spiritual juiciness and adventure.
    • You want to explore how you can serve more profoundly in your life but do not know how.
    • You feel like you might need a reboot or a major change in your life or business.
    • You’re open-minded and non-judgmental when it comes to different cultures and traditions.
    • You’d love to explore adding some of the local Canadian Cultures to your life.
    • You want to travel with a group of entrepreneurs/corporate women like yourself and share your challenges and
    • blessings with folks who understand you.
    • You feel called to experience the magic and mysteries of desert life in Western Canada

    All Taught In This Power Packed 5-Day Summit

    I'm, Rosemary T. Mupambwa,

    I am The Founder and Executive Director of RosesLife Women Center Foundation.

    I spent 19 years holding onto my pain, hoping that the people who had betrayed and hurt me would come one day to apologize. I turned into this work alcoholic trying to numb my pain. I did not know how to deal with my grief it was affecting my whole being, relationships, my children, and my family. I kept attracting unavailable men. I was stuck and I felt so sorry for myself and soon I became a queen of pitty parties. But this did not change my situation.

    It was at this retreat that I decided to write my first book Exhume or Heal, A Widow’s Memoir Getting Her Groove Back. Shortly after Roses Life Coaching was born to inspire women around the globe to realize and actualize their full potential.

    Now RosesLife Coaching provides Life/Relationship, Retreats, life experiences, and resources for women who are committed to living their best lives.

    As a Life/Relationship Coach and a Retreat Leader, I show women the benefits of being radically honest with themselves in a way that will completely shift the trajectory of their lives. I believe in the power of taking the mask off, embracing your unique gifts, and getting clear on why you are here and who you truly want to be

    One day it dawned on me that it was up to me to change the trajectory of my life. I knew, I had to do something about it, but did not know where to start. I finally listened to that small voice and leaped into the unknown. I followed the advice of a friend who said I needed to go for a retreat, where I was going to meet like-minded women.

    Rosemary Mupambwa, Life/Relationship Coach, Reiki Master, and Retreat Leader.

    Past Retreats

    Creating Friendships
     – Starting Over
    Sister Ship Circle
     – Letting Go
    Bonding Time
    Sister Ship Circle
     – Where We Dig Deep

    Your Bonuses for Attending This Years Retreat

    Get to know your fellow travelers in our private retreat Facebook Group. Receive up-to-date retreat info, and get tips on how to prepare and make the most of our time together.

    Once you sign up you will be eligible to get some of my hardcopy books for free in your welcome back at the retreat.

    Build a deeper connection with everyone on our pre-trip Zoom call. Get clear on what you want for yourself on this journey and how to set your intent and begin the process of the retreat before we leave.

    Post-Adventure Group Call

    We’ll check in with each other and see how we’re doing post-retreat, what has changed, and what new actions we’re putting into place in our lives, relationships, and businesses.
    We’ll make sure we’re not getting pulled back into any old habit patterns, so we can move forward knowing we’re exactly where we need to be right now.

    Lets Choose The Options

    OPTION #1

    The Experience


    Single Occupancy

    Monday Night to Saturday

    Early Bird Pricing 20% OFF

    Regular Price: $3300.00
    Discounted Price
    Valid Until March 31st, 2024


    Accommodation, Meals, and Excursions

    Deposit $500.00

    Payment Plan Available

    *Does Not Include Airfare*

    AT 30% OFF

    Bring a Friend + Save $$$

    Choose either Single or Double
    receive up to $900 of  Total Savings
    **Coupon Will Be Provided After First Purchase**

    * Does Not Include Airfare *

    OPTION #2

    The Experience


    Single Occupancy

    Monday Night to Saturday

    Early Bird Pricing 20% OFF

    Regular Price: $3000.00

    Discounted Price
    Valid Until March 31st, 2024


    Accommodation, Meals, and Excursions

    Deposit $400.00

    Payment Plan Available

    *Does Not Include Airfare*


    Fly into Penticton and the Shuttle to the Resort will be outside waiting for you. If you fly into Kelowna then you will have to find your own transport into Osoyoos and Back. Keep in mind that Kelowna is about 1.5 Hours from Osoyoos.

    Yes, we’re happy to! The resort has many food options – they’re used to dealing with the requests of their visitors. You will eat well. Our selected resort has an onsite restaurant and it offers delicious cuisine. Please clearly state any allergies and intolerances you have, along with your dietary preferences on the retreat forms when we send them to you. If the list of things you can’t eat is long, we may ask you for a list of things you can eat instead.

    If you would like to be matched with a roommate, please let us know, Yu can have a chance to be paired with someone when we do the meet and greet Zoom Meeting before the retreat. Then you’ll have a chance to meet and get to know your fellow travelers during our pre-trip online gatherings.

    In case there is no one to pair you with, your room will be considered a single, and an additional single occupancy supplement will be added to your retreat fee.

    Positively and absolutely YES for this Retreat, especially if you are flying in from out of town, province, or country. You never know what can happen to you preventing you from traveling and losing your investment. We always recommend travel insurance that includes trip cancellation and medical coverage. Be sure to read the fine print, as policies can differ greatly.

    While you’re at it, be sure to confirm with your travel insurance provider what Covid-19-related issues are covered and to what extent.

    There won’t be too much heavy activity and no heavy lifting except your own luggage.

    If you have difficulty with altitude, speak to your doctor about getting a prescription for Diamox (Acetazolamide). I always carry it with me since I never know how I’m going to feel. And if I feel fine I don’t have to take it. Better safe than sorry is my attitude!! We will drive up the mountains for the breathtaking views. Let us know if you are afraid of heights.

    June is a great time of year to visit Osoyoos, especially during the time of the month when we will be there. There are dramatic views wherever you cast your gaze into the mountains, lakes, and valleys and the air is refreshingly crisp. The dry weather is ideal for sitting on the beach and swimming in the lake and for sightseeing.

    Days are typically sunny and warm, with slightly cooler evenings. The average temperature of daytime is 23-26 degrees C. But it can be a lot warmer sometimes during the day and dressing in layers is the way to go so you peel off!

    Plan for comfortable, when you start packing for this incredible retreat, casual and laid back. You need heels and be dressy for dinner only. Think about layers as you plan what to bring. Mornings and evenings can be cool or humid, while the days can easily become tee-shirt weather. Dressing in layers is also a good way to protect yourself from the sun since it is summer in Osoyoos in June. You want to include something moderately warm, like a sweater and jacket for at night, and sturdy, water-repellent walking shoes. Once you decide to join us, we’ll provide a more detailed list of what to bring and what not to bring.

    On this retreat, we intend to create a sacred space where we can learn and share in a group to deepen our spiritual connections and practice. Be open-minded as there is a lot to absorb, see, and learn from. Bring lots of curiosity and a camera. If you cannot be open to the process and be in the moment, then this retreat would not be your best choice.

    Your well-being and safety are very important to us! Please adhere to all COVID-19 travel requirements at the time of travel and will keep you informed of any updates. The best way to avoid ruining your trip once you arrive is to wear an N95 mask in the airports while you are traveling to Penticton (optional). At the time of this writing (January 2024), there are no requirements for vaccination or masks on this retreat, but you should make sure you have several masks with you just in case. We also ask that you bring a couple of rapid Covid tests, please. If you’re concerned about rooming with someone who has made a different vaccination choice than you, please let us know your needs in the pre-event forms and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

    Yes, you will be able to stay connected with your loved ones. Wifi is available at the hotel but don’t expect to be very high-speed anything!

    On another note, the more you can disconnect from your life back home, the better the impact of your experience, so please plan to be “off the grid” as much as possible.

    Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the $500 Deposit. Cancellations made between July 1st and August 31st will result in a loss of 50% of Your Overall Price. Any cancellation made between May 15th, 2024 and May 30, 2024. We reserve the right to cancel the retreat if it is not meeting the trip minimum. (If we do so, you will be refunded in full). Trip cancellation insurance is REQUIRED for this journey. You can use any insurance you know.

    If we find that the trip is not a good fit for you, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation, in which case your payments will be fully refunded.

    By purchasing Shifting Forward ’24, you’ll also receive our Privacy Policy and all the Retreat Waivers Required. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time by following our Privacy Policy.

    For Full Details on what is and is not included please see the Booking Page.

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