When you meet someone and there is a spark, attraction is next and then dating, which will excel into a Relationship.

Relationships have stages and most of the times when you are dating someone you don’t even pay attention to what you are doing. Some people get stuck in one stage in the Relationship Stages and you see people breaking up because they cannot get over their hurts and the relationship does not move forward into a marriage.

So when you are dating someone, ask yourself how long you have been in a particular stage, it will help you assess how you are moving forward into next stage.


  1. Adoration

This is the first stage when you meet your new person. You get curious about him/her and you want to know more about them. There is a lot of things that you admire about them and in your mind you can see some potential and this sparks something in your heart to get to know them.

  • Connection

After seeing this person for some days you start to like them and a connection starts to develop. You feel that you could actually like this person to be around you more and more. There is a lot of things that are common to you, chemistry is starting to immerge. You could actually fall for this person and be their partner.

  • Compatibility

This is the stage that you have to think seriously about. Are you going to marry your unfinished business or not? This means that either healed from your past or your broken past is now following you into your future relationships. Are you marrying the wrong person again? Before you commit to anyone make sure they share the same values as you. They can fit into your life style and vice versa. You could have chemistry but, cannot stand this person out of the bedroom? The only time you enjoy their company is when you are having sex with them. Can this person be there for you when you need them and can you be there for them too? Can they be the father or mother of your children? Can they make time to make you happy and can they compromise in your favor, putting you first?

  • Commitment

This is a very crucial step in the relationship stages. You love your person and you want to build a life together. Are you speaking the same language, when you are together? When they are talking is there always a, “WE” not “I”?




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