Relationship Goals for 2022


January is almost coming to an end and I thought I should touch base and see how you are doing with your relationship goals for this year? The pandemic has not made it easy either, in terms of finding love as well as meeting up with any new people.

What are your plans for dating this year?

What kind of relationship are you looking for and why? Are you looking for someone local or long-distance, who will be divorced, widowed, or never married type?

I am going to share with you a few tips that should help you to start your Dating in 2022 in a good direction.

Here are a few tips on Dates: -

When you go on a date with a guy, don't just focus on the looks, look for three things that you like about this guy. I know you can say just three, yes just three as you will not have to put too much pressure on both yourself and this new guy. This will help you not to overlook the great qualities of this man.

-Don't have too many expectations on the date. When you go in with an open mind it helps you to open up more and also see beyond your fears. When you don't have too many expectations, you won't be as disappointed when it does not work out. Putting expectations on people is a recipe for disaster and heartbreaks.

-Have fun, don't go to that date, and be an interrogator, asking too many provocative and personal questions. Remember you are the CEO of your love life so be in the driver's seat on this date. Ask questions that will help you to know him more and make him feel comfortable enough to open up and share about himself.

-Remember not to share too much bout your ex, as this is about you and this new guy. Sharing too much about what the previous guy did to you, might be a red flag of someone who has not let go of her past. Bad mouthing your ex as well as a turn-off to most men as they will start to think you will do the same if you guys break up.


Go to Chapter 13, which talks about, Finding Love Again. This will help you to be able to be yourself and have fun knowing that you are not putting your date, under a microscope.

I care about you finding that special guy that will hold your hand at the altar.

Good luck.




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