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My name is Rosemary T. Mupambwa, am an Inter. Certified Reiki Master, Energy & Angelic Healer as well as a Relationship Coach who specializes in Reiki for Relationship Healing and Reigniting, helping people find love and stay in their Relationships.

I practice both in-person and distance healing sessions.


Just for today: I release anger, I release worries, I do my work honestly, I kind to all living things, I am grateful for my many blessings.

  • Just for today: I release anger, I release worries, I do my work honestly, I am kind to all living things, I am grateful for my many blessings.


The word Reiki in Japanese means, “A miraculous and sacred energy of the universe, which gives all life.”

I was introduced to Reiki after, suffering from complicated and unresolved grief as well as a major heartbreak. I went for grief counseling and lots of therapy but, could not find healing and peace. As soon as I got all the Trapped Emotions that been harboring in my body, I was able to open my heart to love again. I then decided to become a Reiki Master to help other people that were going through the same predicament of bereavement, widowhood, divorce and heartbreaks to heal and to find love again.


As an Angelic Healer I call on the Archangels and the Holy Spirit to work through me, as a conduit and send healing to you.

I will let the Angels guide me and show me all the blockages, letting the amazing love from the Angels flow through me to the clients.


Reiki is not a Religion; as a result, many religious groups including Christians, Hindu, Muslims or Jews use Reiki, as it is compatible with many belief systems.

Reiki is a form of universal healing energy, in which the practitioner acts as a conduit and channels energy from the universe to the client/patient.        

By channeling positive energy from the Universe, Reiki removes and shields us from negative energy, situations and people.

During a healing session the practitioner will place their hands either directly on you, or just above you to bring about healing.

This will stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities to heal itself.

In this healing technique, it helps the practitioner to practice and express compassion, towards others, relieving suffering while creating closer connection to God.

Since Reiki uses the laying of hands technique, similar to what Jesus practiced, it has become more and more appealing to Christians too.

Reiki is very spiritual in nature, as love and compassion are a huge component of its practice.

What Makes It Unique To Work With Me:-

I have the ability to remove Trapped Emotions that cause Love Blocks and Heart Walls, a huge recipe for toxic relationships and failed marriages.


Protection, shielding and clearing your negative energy is an important part of your healing process.

Reiki is about shielding us from toxic and negative relationships.

It helps to heal broken hearts faster than the normal healing process.

Reiki is a very effective and successful way in creating and nurturing relationships in your life. Relationships are a living creation and a special blend of energies between people.

When you are in the flow of love, healing your broken heart is possible and faster.


Checking for Chakras Levels then remove Trapped Emotions. [ Image: DAM GAULT / SPL / Getty Images ]

Modern Therapists talk about the past and provide a coping mechanism, which only scratches the surface. This does not address the issue of trapped emotions, which is the true root cause of the problem humans face in life every day.

Time never heals all wounds, releasing trapped emotions does heal all the underlying issues to your wellbeing and relationships.

We all go through sorrow, loss, anger, grief, frustration and fear, depression, anxiety, loss of loved ones through death, job loss, rejection, neglect, miscarriage, and hopelessness. When you fail to express the emotions pertaining to these painful experiences, thinking they will magically disappear, guess what, they will manifest into Trapped Emotions.

These negative emotions get trapped in your body and mind, which affects your wellbeing, health, relationships, and behaviors get out of control.

The subconscious mind banks everything and these resurface in some form of radical behaviors, toxic relationships, lack of sleep, other health issues as well as drug additions.

Trapped Emotions: are the underlying causes that many people remain stuck in their past, stifling personal growth in their career, family, and personal relationships.

Releasing the Trapped Emotions will help you to feel liberated, more secure, self-confident, motivated to find love and be loved again.

  • Reiki can be used in conjunction with modern medicine, to expedite the healing process.
  • This practitioner can offer Reiki sessions while the patient is in hospital, helping the patient to heal faster.
  • It also accelerates recovery from surgery, improves mental attitude and reduces the negative effects of medication including other medical procedures.
  • Some cancer patients have used Reiki to boost their Immune System to help their bodies heal faster.
  • On the flip side, patients have shorter hospital stays, thus cutting down the huge hospital bills as well as, improve the quality of life.

Reiki requires no technology at all, except the use of

energy from the Universe.


  • Boosts the immune system, thus improving your quality of life and your well-being.
  • Relationship Healing, which speeds up the healing of your broken heart and grief.
  • Opens your heart for love again, after widowhood, heartbreaks, or divorce.
  • Dismantles soul ties after breakup or widowhood, which is a recipe for future relationship breakdowns, by remaining stuck in the past.
  • Reiki addresses the whole person holistically, rather than targeting the symptoms, creating subtle shifts from deep within.
  • Heal and repairs self-sabotage behaviors.
  • Heals Self Limiting beliefs, self-confidence and boosts self-esteem.
  • Boosts mood reducing depression, anxiety and treats trauma by removing trapped emotions.
  • May also treat headaches, nausea, tension, and insomnia.
  • Acute infections and Asthma, wheezing gives way to breathing clearly.
  • Chronic pain lessens in intensity, back pain, fatigue.
  • Reduces stress, self-care, and general well-being.
  • Improves circulation and eliminating Nerve Blocks.
  • Helps reduce anger issues.
  • Grief healing (complicated or unresolved grief) and forgiveness.
  • Improves general well-being.

Email: rtm@roseslifecoaching.com




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