Roses Life Coaching
Roses Life Coaching
SELEELA JUSTINE with Collectively Real.

Today my guest is Rose Mupambwa. Rose is a Relationship Coach, Life Coach and the author of the very powerful book Exhume or Heal – A Widow’s Memoir.

For a while, all Rose saw in front of her was black. She takes us back to when she felt stuck and shackled in her brokenness and even reveals that crying about the pain and loss without taking action to heal is self-destructive behavior. Rose goes over different healing therapies we can try out and how learning to forgive the past is the KEY to letting go of the brokenness and bitterness. Rose picked up the pieces of what was left and absolutely transformed her life. Her mission is for you to come out reinvented and stronger than ever!

Join me in my conversation with Rose 🙂

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