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Rosemary Mupambwa is a courageous woman who got tired of crying herself to sleep after her husband’s death in 2000. Ultimately, she realized that crying about her situation as a single parent and a widow was self-destructive. Furthermore, Rosemary never received an apology from the people that caused her grief. Her book, Exhume or Heal, A Widow’s Memoir, Getting Her Groove Back, became Rosemary’s healing manual. Now Rosemary is on a mission to help women heal from their grief and trauma from their past, broken relationships. Also, she helps them get back into the dating scene with a bang after a long dry spell. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • First, Rosemary shares that she was married for nearly 12 years before her husband was taken away from her.
  • Furthermore, she became widowed when she was in her late 30s with young children.
  • Rosemary and her husband were lecturers at a college and her husband had a business.
  • Consequently, she went from three incomes to one after his death.
  • Next, Rosemary talks about the times that she really missed her husband: for example when her children graduated from college.
  • Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding the death of her husband led Rosemary to experience betrayal and a feeling of abandonment.
  • Also, her husband’s family turned their back on her.
  • Her father sold some of his goats to help Rosemary out financially.
  • Rosemary’s father passed away two years later and her in-laws did not support her.
  • Wanting revenge was causing Rosemary pain.
  • In addition, she suffered from health issues.
  • Her husband’s family changed her husband’s death certificate to “divorced”.
  • When her husband passed away, Rosemary was out of town attending her brother’s funeral.
  • Eventually, Rosemary moved from Africa to the United States and then to Canada.
  • Next, Rosemary explains the challenges she had in getting her children to move from Africa to live with her in Canada.
  • To save enough money to bring her children to Canada, Rosemary had to work three jobs.
  • Also, she went to college to get a degree so she could get a better job.
  • Rosemary lost her mom to cancer and then her youngest brother in February 2019.
  • She was in shock and denial about the death of her brother.
  • One of her friends in Canada invited her to a retreat for women and reluctantly, she attended.
  • The retreat was her turning point.
  • Writing her book was healing.
  • And, she realized healing is a choice.
  • Next, Rosemary shares some relationship advice.
  • Looking for love after a dry spell is challenging for women and Rosemary explains why.
  • Next, Rosemary explains her term “dating smart”.
  • Dating from a desperate mode will not result in a good outcome.
  • Then, Rosemary explains how a woman can get a man to respect her.
  • Ultimately, Rosemary hung onto her pain for nearly 19 years before deciding to forgive and heal.
  • Finally, it’s up to the individual to make the decision to heal.

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