Roses Life Coaching
Roses Life Coaching
KR LIVE PODCAST: By Phyllis Mckenzie

Rosemary T Mupambwa is a published author, International Speaker, Life Transformation Coach who is on a mission to help individuals that have gone through serious life transitions, Life Widowhood, Divorce, HeartBreaks, Runaway Spouses, Rejection and Fear or experiencing or Compassion Fatigue (CareGiver-Stress). Roseslifecoaching Practice you will be equipped with tools you need to dismantle the dark veil of grief, to pick up the pieces of what’s left of your life and move forward. Rosemary has Social Work and Sociology background has worked as a Domestic Violence Counselor for many years,and in the Mental Health field. She has worked with thousands of women To Get Their Groove Back, after helping them to let go of their past and start again, to step into the world as a brand new person and start dating again.    She loves fashion, loves to make people laugh and helping people is her passion. A widow herself she wrote her book Exhume or Heal. A Widow’s Memoir Getting Her Groove Back, to help her heal her past and coach other individuals who are in the same predicament.



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