Roses Life Coaching
Roses Life Coaching
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Calgary, Alberta – We have to be resilient. We have to heal. We have to be unbreakable and unstoppable because the world’s going to keep on spinning.

That’s the philosophy of Rose Mupambwa, founder of Rose’s Life Coaching. Rose specializes in working with people processing grief and loss from sudden, traumatic changes in their most valued relationships.

“I work with people that have gone through a roller coaster life: widowhood, divorce, heartbreak, runaway husband or any major life transition,” says Rose. “We work with our clients to create clear strategies for moving forward to help them heal from their loss.”

A widow herself of 20 years, Rose’s Life Coaching is itself an act of empowerment borne of grief. Each day Rose harnesses her grief in a constructive way. Her lived experience has given her the tools to help others.

The author of Exhume or Heal: A Widow’s Memoir, Getting Her Groove Back, Rose says she believes healing is a choice. The secret, she says, is to know your “why.”

With Rose’s Life Coaching, Rose has created a simple and effective Transformation Framework to help clients deal with the pain and grief of these unique situations and heal.

“We help these women reset their lives and reignite their feminine energy or their feminine power rather than remaining stuck in their pain, which will not get them anywhere in life,” says Rose. “I’ve created a healing framework and the biggest part is mindset. You have to work on beliefs. We provide you with the tools and techniques to reinvent yourself and get your groove back.”

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