Personal Inventory Before Dating Again.


 This is the personal examination to find the truth about yourself and the real you TO:  Eliminate, Heal and Transform your life.

One thing to bear in mind since you have been out of the dating scene for a while is to remember this:

a). Don’t Microwave your dating process, by rebounding into new relationships after a breakup.

b). Crockpot your dating process. This means you need to heal all your wounds from your past first, so you do not experience triggers when similar issues pop up when you find love again e.g. Smells, places, cars, etc.

c). Starting on a clean slate gives you a new beginning and new hopes and goals for the future.

Don’t settle for an unhealthy relationship that simply does not serve you, simply because you are lonely and desperate.

Before going back into the dating scene it's time to become your own Self Development Laboratory.

This is the time to reflect on what you have done in your past relationships, what has worked what has caused heartbreaks.

What part did you play in the breakups?

What have become your default patterns?


Take a mirror and look at yourself in that mirror.

What do you see?

  1. Check your aura (this is the energy that surrounds you).
  2. Can you date yourself?
  3. Are you really ready to go out with High Value Men?
  4. Check who are you inside and out.
  5. How has your past changed and affected you and the way you look at relationships?

It's time to leave sitting on the sidelines and watching other people getting into long-term relationships and getting married.

Are you tired of jumping off the merry-go-round with the time wasters, jerks who do not commit to anything, other than breaking your heart?

It’s time to revisit your character and personality one last time.

If you still believe you are unlovable and you will never meet the one for you, the one who will rock your boat, then your wishes will come true.

“If you are still filled with negative and riddled with doubts, shame regret, and distortions that is what you are sending into the universe and that is what will come back to you.

Double Check Your Personality Truth With The Following Hard Questions.

  1. Do I live with regret?
  2. Do I live with guilt?
  3. Do I live with shame?
  4. Do I feel I have to prove myself all the time to be seen and heard?
  5. Do I lack confidence?
  6. I am a fraud?
  7. Do I feel like I have to disguise myself?
  8. What is wrong with me?
  9. Do I feel like I have to disguise myself?

10. I am really worthy to be loved at all?

11.  Do I tell myself that I never find love again?

12.  Do I tell myself that all the good men are gone?

13.  Do I believe that I am damaged goods because I have been heartbroken, cheated on, dumped so many times that I now believe that it is fundamentally wrong with me?

14.  Do I feel like a victim and constantly afraid of being hurt and feeling used again?

Now what you need with urgency is to start to eliminate, heal, change and do whatever you have to do so that it no longer has an impact on your life.

-We are doing this Personal Inventory so that you can see what has been holding you back and keeping you stuck.

-It will help you to see and find out if you really like who you have turned out to be after the roller coaster life and heartbreaks.

-This exercise will help you to see how and why people have been treating you badly and you are ok with it. It's time to teach people how to treat you and the way that serves and respects you.

This will also help you to eliminate, minimize and manage all the negative energy so you can start to maximize the positive energy.

This is going to start creating self-love and start loving you. If you don’t like YOU, then how can you expect other people to like or love you? If you love YOU, then other people will also love you too?

The Secret to finding love is, “If you believe that you deserve to be loved, you will attract a positive, fulfilling and healthy relationship into your life.”

If you want to be noticed in the singles arena, then you have to be comfortable really getting deeper about what makes up the real you., your character, and your power.

  • What makes you stick out in the crowd?
  • What I your attitude towards finding love again?

For you to be unique you have to start accepting yourself e.g., people will give you compliments about your outfits, don’t water them down by saying, “Oh you mean this cheap thing, I bought from a second-hand store.” That’s giving too much information; it’s not that person's business to know where you bought unless they ask.




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