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The Truth About Grief/Pain/Loss

What Is the Truth About Grief/ Loss? I know a lot of people have lost their loved ones during this holiday season and I am reaching out to you now to tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers. If you did not lose anyone, you might know someone who did and you […]

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Consider some ways you may be abusing your body: • You’re being abusive when your mind tells your body to take another bite of food when your body has clearly articulated that it’s full. It’s not up to the mind to tell the body anything. The mind has no form and has never taken a […]

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When a relationship comes to an end, the grieving process is the same as when you lose a spouse. You are grieving the death of that relationship that you used to be identified with. The first thing you do when you get that call that the relationship is, Shock. You are in disbelief that this […]

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Single Mothers. What do you know about them?

Before dating a single mother, here is what you need to know. If you are a single mother, this is a reminder of what a heroin you are, the queen that has raised the world single handedly. It's time to light up your crown and let it shine once again. If you were raised by […]

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Are You a Drama Queen?

ARE YOU A DRAMA QUEEN? Definition: A Drama Queen is an individual who is always blowing things out of proportion; even a small little incident becomes a big deal. Their statement is always, “I don’t like drama around me,” while they are the center of Drama itself. They have some emotional dysfunction called Histrionic Personality […]

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When you lose your loved ones, the void will always be there. They are never replaceable. Grief is like a flu, you have to let it take its course in your life. I have heard people say time heals, is this true? I don’t think so. If time healed the wounds then we would not […]

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AWARENESS You have to be aware that there are wounds, pain or frustrations that need to be dealt with. You have gone through the pain and now what? Do not suppress the pain feel it and go through it, do not get stuck in that zone. VALIDATE What have you learnt from the wounds, pain and frustrations? […]

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Healing Starts from Inside

Life is never the same after going through loss of a spouse, a relationship breakup or a divorce.  If we could choose life without loss and pain, am sure everyone would jump on board. But life is not fair sometimes. Remember we have the right to choose which way we are going to react to these […]

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Don't Let Your Past Defeat You!

You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” ― Maya Angelou Listen to this podcast By Michael Dasilva and Rosemary and see how […]

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Here is the podcast that Rosemary had with a podcastor from Kenya called, "It's Ok Child," about how she dealt with Trauma as well as what advice she can give to individuals that have gone through Trauma. How can you get help when you are traumatised? Below is the link to the podcast, click and […]

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