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At Roses Life Coaching, we provide a safe and healthy environment to heal from your previous relationship breakups, through a holistic approach in as little as 3 sessions. 

Rose’s grounded and centered approach will help you to:

Relationships at Work?

Personal Relationships?

  • Discover the troubling aspects within a current relationship. 
  • Identify issues (such as fear, low self-worth, or anger) that block successful relationships. 
  • Work through communication missteps that may be preventing happy relationships. 
  • Identify ways to set personal boundaries with others. 
  • Create a goal with active steps on gaining an ideal mate, happy family or profitable business partners. 
  • Develop steps to enhance current, happy relationships. 
  • Grow intimate relationships into happier, more loving, and deeper relationships.
  • Help to maintain relationships, heal and cope with devastating breakups from, heartbreaks, divorce, separation, runaway partners or widowhood.

SINGLE and SEARCHING, or trying to find Healthy and Long Term Relationships? 

Has looking for a soul mate seem to be farfetched for you?

Are you tired of being a Bride Maid instead of THE BRIDE?

You can’t help but, think that all the good men/women are taken?

Trying to get back into the Dating Scene After a Long Dry Spell and feel like a Deer in the Red Lights

Are you fearful of attracting the "wrong person" once again?

Are you feeling a bit helpless and hopeless as you stand by and watch your friends date and fall in love while seems impossible for you?

If you answered yes, to any of the questions above then:-

You need tools to Date Smart and become a Love Magnet


Our promise to you is, we will help you to:

  • Enhance your self-confidence to identify if you are dating or marriage material. 
  • Teach you how to attract your ideal partner and build a good relationship. 
  • Learn how to spot the ‘wrong’ person before the beginning of relationship. 
  • Build stronger communication skills.
  • Understand the signals of the opposite sex so you can become irresistible. 
  • Identify the best venues to meet people and learn the tools for On-Line Dating.
  • Design an action plan to meet the perfect person, experience your aha moment and meet the love of your life in no time at all.
  • Learn how to build a relationship, from the initial attraction to long-term relationships. 
  • Transform their feelings of desperation into a person happy with themselves (regardless of their dating status). 
  • Learn to identify potential and compatible partners. 
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and create a vision of your ideal partner. 
  • Develop a plan to increase self-love and happiness as a single person.

We provide In-Person or Virtual Sessions. 

Singles or Group Coaching 

Singles and Couples Retreats

Coaching online/virtual using chat services such as messenger may also be arranged if that is easier.


  • One-hour sessions, which maybe longer.
  • Can be booked as one session per week or bi-weekly according availability.
  • Coaching also comes with telephone and unlimited email contact between sessions to assist you in achieving your goals effectively and in a timely manner.
  • You may cancel and request a refund at any time within 48 hours.
  • Book additional sessions at any time.



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