Loving Yourself More


Heal your Heart!

If someone would ask you to marry yourself would that be a big YES or a NO? 

If the answer is “Yes,” then you don’t have much do to in this section, but if the answer is “NO,” then you have a lot to work on. 

A lot has happened in your life, do you still remember how to love yourself? 

You must know yourself, as you will be with yourself for the rest of your life. Love the relationship that you have with yourself, so you can be able to love others. Love begins with loving ourselves and once we have enough, and when our cup is overflowing then we can be able to share what is overflowing with others. 

You must know yourself, so you can love yourself too. 

What is the relationship you have with yourself?

Self-love is giving priority to your own well-being and happiness. 

Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. 

Self-love is not settling for less than you truly deserve. 

Self-love is putting you first and not compromising your happiness to make other people happy.

Self-love is not scaring yourself with wild and negative thoughts.

Self-love is not bashing yourself with negative comments about how ugly you are.

Self-love is having this beautiful image about yourself and expecting the best for yourself.

Self-love is forgiving yourself for letting yourself down.

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Ask yourself if you can still spend just an hour with yourself without driving yourself nuts.

Do you freak yourself out when you are alone?

Some people cannot stand the idea of being alone in the comfort of themselves. 

Can you listen to your own breathing at all, or do you surround yourself with distracting loud music that you have no idea how you breathe?

How can you take care of others when you cannot even know how you breathe?  

Loving yourself will create a firm foundation for you to face the cruel world out there. 

Self-love makes you feel good about yourself.

Until someone says, “She is so full of herself.” Then you have not started loving yourself properly and the way you are supposed to.



When I talk about self-care, it’s not only about self-indulgence in yourself or pampering yourself. It’s all about understanding, that you are worth it, you have value as a human being.

You have the right to treat yourself accordingly. As women, we are very good at nurturing others, but always put ourselves at the end of the caring line. As a mother and a wife, you take care of your family when they are sick, but you always forget to care for yourself in the process.

Letting go of the past is also another very important self-care act. Learn to forgive yourself so you can let go of the past.

Don’t deny yourself of things you need in order to please other people.

Honor yourself. Stop self-criticism, self-bashing, self-denial,

Self-doubt and self-hate.

Everything starts in your mind




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