Long Distance Relationship Tips 

For some of us, there are certain circumstances that do not allow people to live together. They become long distance relationships and those aren’t easy, but here are a few tips to treat and show love to your long distance partner.

Let’s use Valentine’s Day as an example. 

  • Send a card, whether that’s through the mail or online. 
  • Send them flowers from their local flower shop.
  • Send them a love letter or a poem you wrote.
  • Create a scrapbook 
  • Schuele frequent video calls. 
  • Plan a weekend trip. 
  • Give them a surprise gift.

Those are just a few ideas for you to incorporate into your relationship. A lot of Valentine’s ideas can work for your normal days, especially sending a love letter to them. It will be a nice surprise seeing a letter from their partner in their mail, it will most likely make their day. 

Don’t let long distance stop you from showing your partner your love and appreciation. Take this time to really learn about each other. 



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