Life is a Choice


Don't let obstacles in your life bring you down, as life is a journey.
Learned this when I lost my husband in 2000. It was tough and challenging and having to leave my children behind when I came to North America was the most challenging decision I made.

Guess what it all paid when we rejoined 6 years later and now they are all grown and run their own businesses. Had I stopped taking that risk of moving, I would not be here talking to you or doing what I am doing today. But I am here to encourage you that challenges are there to make you stronger than ever.

I learned this poem below from Les Brown. It is in my book RESETTING YOUR LIFE HANDBOOK, which talks about healing your past and helping you go forward in life.

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Life will take you to your knees

Life is like an onion - open it one layer at a time

Life is a challenge - meet it

Life is a gift - accept it

Life is an adventure – dare it

Life is a sorrow – overcome it

Life is a tragedy – face it

Life is a duty – perform it

Life is a game – play it

Life is a mystery – unfold it

Life is a song – sing it

Life is an opportunity – take it

Life is a journey – complete it

Life is a promise – fulfill it

Life is a struggle – achieve it

Life is a puzzle – solve it.

Life is full of surprises – deal with them the choice is yours.

(Les Brown)

Remember you matter in the midst of this pain of losing your spouse and facing life alone as a widow. Losing a spouse is no joke, it does not matter how old you are. I once spoke to a woman who had a fight with her husband and had been separated for more than three years. The husband got very ill and sadly he passed away.

I asked how she was dealing with the loss of her spouse. She said that, although she was separated from her husband, did not change the fact that he was gone forever. She said I still missed the good times they had together and the fact their children were going to grow up without a dad, was very painful to her.

Being a single parent is not easy when the father had been present in the life of the children before passing away. Don't let this bring you down and forget that you still have life after your loss.




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