A Triumphant Snapback: Resetting Your Life Handbook

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Have you ever wondered why you have not healed or moved forward after your loss? How would it feel to be able to move forward with your life after your loss/grief? Don’t put your life in Park Mode or put conditions to your happiness until you find healing. This Handbook is going to help you heal your wounds, repair your broken heart, and give you peace to accept the pain that has broken you into pieces. This handbook is ideal for anyone that has experienced any form of grief: e.g. widowhood, divorce, heartbreak, job loss, ill health, loss of property, or moving to a new environment, etc. This Handbook will help you from getting stuck in your Poor Me Mindset/treating yourself as a Victim, blaming other people for your pain as well as living like a prisoner of your loss/past. You will be equipped with solutions to deal with your grief. Seeking revenge will not heal your pain but only makes it toxic and turns into baggage. Grief is by no means a one-size fits, nor is it a quick fix. Take what works for you from this book and run with it. There is life after loss but, it’s a journey to get there. HEALING IS A CHOICE. What choice are you making for your life today?

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This powerful book teaches you how to be focused and resilient to achieve your goals, and how and why certain people can control your life if you let them. Life is a choice and it is up to you to say “NO” and mean it.
Until you say “Enough is Enough”, you will remain a slave to your past, it’s time to take back your power and stop other people from paralyzing you with fear and guilt.
This courageous woman got tired of crying herself to sleep, after suffering from unresolved and complicated grief. She took it upon herself to do something about her pain. She has become a firecracker for widows, divorcees, and other singles, to help them get their power back, instead of being stuck in their pain/grief.
The author confidently shows you that there is life after grief/pain emanating from divorce, widowhood, and heartbreaks, and how to exit the dark place when you are almost giving up.
Rosemary in this book helps you transform your life by:

  • Demystifying your old beliefs, self-limitations, and self-doubts, creating a new fresh awakening that you are yearning for.
  • Stop putting bandages on your broken heart, instead of healing your shattered heart from the inside, open your heart to love and be loved again.

What if all your questions will be answered in this book?

  • Why does love hurt so bad and is a broken heart a curse?
  • Can your heart be renewed piece by piece?
  • Do you feel like true love is far-fetched and impossible for you?
  • What has been preventing you from living to your highest potential?
  • Have you ever thought it could be your misconceptions and misunderstanding about your grief/pain and frustrations of your heartbreak that’s keeping you stuck?
  • What triggers have kept you living in your deepest fogs, feeling lost and stuck in your past shadows?
  • What is Harm Reduction and can this heal your heart?
  • Tired of being a prisoner to your own mental chatter to recreating a positive mindset?
  • Do you want to come out of the dark clouds of your fears, and the not-good-enough mentality, to enjoy life and find love again?
  • Can visualization recreate a better LOVE life?
  • Ever thought how easy life would be when you learn how to forgive and let go instead of seeking revenge?
  • Ready to Re-Invent yourself and Get Your Groove Back, to find love and be loved once more?

Healing Is A Choice. What Is Yours Today?

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