INTIMACY: How to be Heard and Seen


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INTIMACY: How to be Heard and Seen

Table of Contents

Page 3 Forms of intimacy explained – Emotional, spiritual + experimental
Page 4 Forms of intimacy explained – Spiritual and mental
Page 5 Forms of intimacy explained – Mental (intellectual) + physical
Page 6 Disconnection check-list
Page 7 I feel connected when[…]
Page 8 Connection-building Q+A – Emotional intimacy Q+A
Page 9 Mental (Intellectual) intimacy Q+A
Page 10 Spiritual intimacy Q+A
Page 11 Experimental intimacy Q+A
Page 12 Physical intimacy Q+A
Page 13 Exposing + eliminating barriers
Page 16 In-to-me-see through transparency
Page 18 In-to-me-see through transparency [prompt – hers]
Page 19 In-to-me-see through transparency [prompt – his]
Page 20 Scheduling time [to connect] – monthly calendar
Page 22 Self-connection
Page 23 Wake up + self-connect Instructions
Page 24 Wake up + self-connect [prompt]
Page 26 Self-connection check-in [daily, weekly or monthly]
Page 27 Relationship connection check-in [daily, weekly or monthly]
Page 28 Notes

About the Author

Rosemary T. Mupambwa is a remarkable individual, a mother of three, and a multifaceted professional. Has had successful careers as a fashion model, college lecturer, and an Author, she is also a Certified Life Transformation and Relationship Coach. Her passion for empowering women led her to establish the Roses Life Women Center Foundation, where she fights against racism and supports those affected by trauma from racism. The Center also helps Seniors to overcome isolation and loneliness by running craft groups and healing circles. Drawing from her own experiences, she specializes in helping individuals overcome grief, pain, and self-limiting beliefs.

As a speaker, she inspires many, with her messages of healing and building strong relationships. Overall, Rosemary’s dedication to helping others, makes her an exceptional person. Through her writings, she wanted to share her ways of overcoming pains and leading a confident life. Rosemary’s impactful work as a speaker has touched the lives of many women. Through her powerful messages of healing and relationship-building, she inspires and uplifts her audiences.


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