Healing using the practice of harm reduction is becoming very common, although most people still don’t understand this process. I am sure now you are thinking I am going to write about drugs and addiction treatment? No!

Practicing harm reduction in your life is the ability to know your own power over your adversities. Harm reduction is looking for solutions to problems and challenges instead of taking a quick fix. This process is a very useful discipline that will keep you on track to achieve a happy and prosperous life that is free of all the past pains that might have plagued your life before. Harm reduction is also about being kind to your mind, body, and soul.

  • Drinking habits - how much alcohol do you take? Are you taking alcohol as a quick fix to your pain? Does the pain go away when you are sober again or the pain resurfaces again? The drinking is not going to fix your problems and heal your pain. Look at what other coping skills you can learn instead of using alcohol to get temporary relief. Were you drowning your sorrows in alcohol hoping to erase the pain? If so, you probably discovered that it does not work that way.
  • Healthy eating- What are you feeding your body with? Junk Food? You might say, “Rose I do not have enough money to buy proper food.” Yes, I understand that money could be an issue, but there are ways around this. Look for a community kitchen in your area where they teach people how to make thrifty meals for free. You will get to keep the food and load your freezer. When you eat healthily, you develop a healthy mind and a healthy body too. Drink more water to keep yourself hydrated. Your body needs fluids to flush out toxins in your body. Remember that when you want to grab a pop instead of a glass of water. 8 glasses of water daily are the minimum a person should drink per day.
  • Start to look at life from a different perspective. Instead of pulling through life, aim to thrive.
  • Harm Reduction is about getting rid of the negative mindset and behaviors, replacing them with positive thinking and kind behaviors. Being negative and not healing properly has not done me any good. It only hurt me more. Positive thinking and positive behaviors will attract more positive energy towards you and that will get the universe, the Law of Attraction, to work with you. When you are a joyful person you also attract like-minded people to you. Scrap the pity party mindset for good and move into joyous life.
  • Harm Reduction in Relationships - This is a huge one. This could be with family, yourself, your kids and work. When you do not look for faults in people, you live a better life. Learn not to worry about the little things in life and learn to let go of things that don’t really matter in life. Stop being too analytical about life as this will get you nowhere. Trust me, you should rather choose your battles and turn a blind eye, than worry and fight certain battles. This will remove any bitterness and resentment that might have built up over time blocking your healing process. Most relationships are built on emotional responses. If you still have a truck full of emotional baggage that you are carrying around, then that is going to affect your relationships with everyone including yourself. Emotional baggage does not go away with an easy fix. It requires you to start from inside out and look through all the issues that you have gone through from childhood.

You also need to express those feelings that continue to haunt you. This is also another way of harm reduction to yourself. You become aware of what the hidden emotions are. Then you will let them run their course and deal with them by finding ways to heal. That way this prevents any recurring of the same issues later or from a different angle.





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