How To Get Your Groove Back


When you go through adversity in life you never think you will ever heal or forget it right?

I was like that when I lost my husband in 2000. I was betrayed by very close people that I thought would be there for me during this difficult time of my life. I felt as if God had betrayed me too as I continued to ask him, why he had let this happen to me.

What I have learned is we go through pain for a reason, so we can learn from it. My widowhood journey is what prepared me to do what I do now, a Relationship Coach who also helps people go through their grieve with a Badass attitude to come through it stronger than before. When you stop feeling sorry for yourself, you will not waste time looking for ways to revenge the people that hurt you, but instead, you will look for strategies to rise up higher than where they left you.

Success is the best revenge of all.


When you focus on trying to get your perpetrators to apologize, the more they will control your happiness. But when you forgive them and let go, you are showing them that what they did or what they will do will not control your happiness anymore. You take your power back from their filthy hands and you will rise above them like an eagle and you will become untouchable.

That's what I did and writing my book helped me to teach other people to rise above their pain, unforgiveness and let go of the emotional pain that had kept them stuck in bitterness and frustrations.

This book will blow your socks off and help you transform how you view your life and the world as a whole.

“Exhume or Heal. A Widow’s Memoir, Getting Her Groove Back,” is a book about a widow’s journey jampacked with Badass and courageous behaviors that liberated her to become a force to be reckoned with.

This courageous woman is the Radical Widow, who got tired of crying herself to sleep after she was betrayed big time, by those close to her and took it upon herself to change her life. She got separated from her children for 6 years when she went to North America.

This powerful book teaches how to be focused and resilient to achieve your goals, shows you how and why certain people can control your life if you let them. Life is a choice and it is up to you to say “NO” and mean it.
Until you say “Enough is Enough”, you will remain a slave to your past, it’s time to take back your power and stop other people paralyzing you with fear and guilt.

Rosemary in this book helps you transform your life by:

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  • Get your Groove Back and become the force to be reckoned with.
  • Experiencing an epic journey of self-discovery thrusting you to another side of your pain, finding healing and joy.
  • Demystifying your old beliefs, self-limitations, and self-doubts, creating a new fresh awakening that you are yearning for.
  • Showing you that children grieve too, how to deal with it.
  • Overcoming the worst fogs faced by widows/divorcees, helping you to defeat the, “What is the point and poor me mindset,” to “What can I do now, to change my life today.”
  • Revealing that it’s time to stop suffering silently and move forward seamlessly.
  • Overcoming your own fears, insecurities, writing your own blueprint to create healthy and powerful relationships both at home and in your career.
  • Showing you how to stop being a prisoner of your own negative mental chatter, control your own feelings.
  • Learning how Forgiveness sets you free.

What if all your questions about dating are answered?
You will get the confidence to CHOOSE your soul mate, instead of waiting to be CHOSEN as before.

  • How to prepare yourself for the dating world and have an open mind.
  • Is dating for you and are your children or family ready for you to date again?
  • Heal your heart and be ready for love again.
  • Ready to know what kind of men are out there, types of relationships that are good for you.
  • How to know if he is right for you.
  • Provides easy-to-follow relationship tips to implement right away.
  • You become in alignment with future aspirations and use your pain as a lesson to move forward.

Click on the link above and purchase your copy today don't forget to get a copy for your friends and family member who might need this encouragement of not letting their pain get the best of them




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