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“We will teach you how to create the clear road map I used to attract the love of my life. You will be surprised how easy it is to be placed in front of your Soul Mate that is right for you.”

I have learnt that,

“Finding a man is easy but, keeping him and being happy is the hardest part.” By Rosemary Mupambwa
This is the struggle many women face today. I created this program with you on my mind.
I know what you are saying….

You feel you have done everything in your power to find that special person to wake up next to, in the morning, but you hear crickets!!!!!!

You are not alone, but here at Roseslifecoaching, we are dedicated to help you solve this Dating Puzzle and we won’t give up on you.

I found love again at 60, in 2021 after I had been widowed for 21 years. I knew I had to change my life when was going to be an empty nester.

First, I had to heal my, grieve/past to attract the right man into my life.

I met Perry on-line during the pandemic.

We went on our first date and before he left, he said he wanted to see me again and we have been together ever since.

So, this can happen for you too!

It’s not too late to find love and to be loved.

All you need a clear Road Map that will direct you to your Soul Mate.

Its time you stop being a bride’s maid at all your friend’s wedding and become the bride.

We Come to Know

It’s not too late to find love and to be loved.



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