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Loving Yourself More SELF LOVE If someone would ask you to marry yourself would that be a big YES or a NO?  If the answer is “Yes,” then you don’t have much do to in this section, but if the answer is “NO,” then you have a lot to work on.  A lot has happened in your life, do you still remember […]

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Don’t Park Your Life After Heartbreak, Widowhood, Or Divorce

Don’t Park Your Life After Heartbreak, Widowhood, Or Divorce Grief can be paralyzing for sure if you don’t take care of it in time before it develops into baggage and a health issue. It's normal when you suddenly have no idea what tomorrow brings for you. You see life through a black veil. Nothing or […]

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Life is a Choice

Don't let obstacles in your life bring you down, as life is a journey. Learned this when I lost my husband in 2000. It was tough and challenging and having to leave my children behind when I came to North America was the most challenging decision I made. Guess what it all paid when we […]

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How To Get Your Groove Back

When you go through adversity in life you never think you will ever heal or forget it right? I was like that when I lost my husband in 2000. I was betrayed by very close people that I thought would be there for me during this difficult time of my life. I felt as if […]

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The Truth About Grief/Pain/Loss

What Is the Truth About Grief/ Loss? I know a lot of people have lost their loved ones during this holiday season and I am reaching out to you now to tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers. If you did not lose anyone, you might know someone who did and you […]

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What is Feminine Power? Why do we need it?

This is key to finding your independence and getting your power back from the Trauma/Grief from your past. You have lost your power to your pain and it’s time to Regain, Rejuvenate and Reignite that power back. Men need women to bring life into the world, so we carry power within us. Losing the femininity […]

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Look at what is causing you grief or frustration? Sometime what we say or think keep us stuck in the past. Sometimes you need to move away from toxic environments that keep feeding you with negative talk and behaviors. Sometimes the people that we spend time with could the biggest culprits of our pain. Do […]

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HARM REDUCTION AS A Healing Therapy Healing using the practice of harm reduction is becoming very common, although most people still don’t understand this process. I am sure now you are thinking I am going to write about drugs and addiction treatment? No! Practicing harm reduction in your life is the ability to know your […]

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Single Mothers. What do you know about them?

Before dating a single mother, here is what you need to know. If you are a single mother, this is a reminder of what a heroin you are, the queen that has raised the world single handedly. It's time to light up your crown and let it shine once again. If you were raised by […]

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Are You a Drama Queen?

ARE YOU A DRAMA QUEEN? Definition: A Drama Queen is an individual who is always blowing things out of proportion; even a small little incident becomes a big deal. Their statement is always, “I don’t like drama around me,” while they are the center of Drama itself. They have some emotional dysfunction called Histrionic Personality […]

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