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A lot of people today are struggling with trauma from grief/loss they have experienced from divorce, widowhood, broken heart or runaway partners, and other major life transitions. I wrote about some of my most traumatic experiences as a widow in my book "Exhume or Heal".  I want to give you a free ONE-TIME offer to get a sneak peek into this amazing story of transformation and healing. I always say this that HEALING IS A CHOICE. However, I know a lot of people struggle. 
Your struggle may be because:
1. You lost a marriage and you are heartbroken. 
2. You lost a spouse and now you feel alone. 
3. Life makes no sense because you have lost too many things. 

I believe that this is my opportunity to help you kickstart your journey towards healing. If you put your email in for this offer, I will be sending you:

- 2 Chapters from my book for FREE. 
- 3 free video sessions on grief, healing and transformation. 

Rose Mupambwa

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