Hello Beautiful,

It’s nice to have someone treat you like a queen and buy you presents but, my dear you need to pay attention to some somethings before you fall head over heels.

This can be tough especially if you have been single and searching for a while and then you meet this guy who blinds you with attention.

You might say Rose, 

“He loves me a lot, I have never had someone treat me like this

before and he REALLY CARES FOR ME!”  

“He is always buying very expensive gifts when I am with him and he knows how to treat me like a queen. These gifts are given way too early in the relationship……….

My dear, there is a thin line between love bombing and the emotional displays of someone who is genuinely in love. This is the reason why love bombing is so hard to detect.

The relationship usually starts off as a fairy tale, but it always ends in disaster and you wonder why!

Love bombing is one of the most common techniques narcissists and sociopaths use to lure you in, gain power and maintain control over their victims.

Although signs of love bombing are not easily recognizable, however, they will differ from real love displays in some ways.

Below is a link to the document that has the 7 things you need to watch for to recognize that you are being love bombed. in this document, I talk about the 7 SIGNS TO WATCH OUT FOR, IF IT’S REAL LOVE OR ITS LOVE BOMBING.

Many women are being fooled by being given lavish gifts and they end up with a guy that will constantly remind them of the things he has done for them or get abused by these men.

The will tell you what you want to her all the time, his messages are rehearsed.

Hope this helps you in your dating journey.



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