Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do You work with people outside of Calgary?
Yes, Rose's Life Coaching serves a global clientele base. Our remote sessions are done via email, Skype, video calling and telephone calls.
How do we start working together?
There's a free 30 minutes consultation for the introductions and assessment of needs. In this time, the client's needs are in focus and the best strategies for future sessions are mapped out. 

Booking Sessions & Therapy

How long is a typical session?
A typical session is about 55 minutes. Clients are guided on appropriate schedules for weekly or monthly therapy sessions. 
Do you work with people of a specific age or GENDER?
Rose's Life Coaching works with individuals who are 18 years and older. There are no gender restrictions. The coaching and therapy are made available to both men and women. 
What kind of therapy sessions do you have?
Individual 1-on-1 plus, group sessions, workshops, and public speaking events.

Outcomes and Planning

What's expectED from a session?
The first introduction session is a free session. Second session is the main booked therapy session that includes, Individual 1-on-1 plus, group sessions, workshops, and public speaking events. There are on-going or follow-up sessions.
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