Don’t Park Your Life After Heartbreak, Widowhood, Or Divorce


Don’t Park Your Life After Heartbreak, Widowhood, Or Divorce

Grief can be paralyzing for sure if you don’t take care of it in time before it develops into baggage and a health issue. It's normal when you suddenly have no idea what tomorrow brings for you. You see life through a black veil. Nothing or anybody can make the pain go away. The pain is beyond giving birth to a child.

You need to walk the “Walk,” of the heartbreak, to understand the depth and the gravity of this pain, continuing to sweep the grief/pain under rug is creating more problems in your life. This will soon affect not only you but your career, health, and most of your relationships with everyone around you.

I understand that the thought of being a single parent can also send you deep into grief and regret. This is not an easy task, as everything about the kids now falls on your lap (if you have children). For a divorcee, it could be tricky as the father of the children might still take part in the upbringing of the children and also cause other issues with the shared custody and kids get torn between the parents.


“A Triumphant Snapback,” talks about how you can heal your life-heart/life step by step, with easy-to-follow examples that you can implement right away.

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Don’t wait too long to HEAL YOUR DEMONS so you can live your best life again and also get to where you have always wanted to be in the first place before all this fiasco happened in your life.

If you don’t need the book don’t forget your friends and family that might need one as well.




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