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A Few Spots Left

I to extend this invitation to you as my special and value client in my tribe. I have about 5 spots left in the new program I am only offering privately before i offer it to the public. The Dating After A Long Dry Spell program, the 12-week program which is designed to help you …

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10 Online Dating Mistakes To Avoid!

There is no denying that the world of online dating has completely revolutionized the way we go about finding romance and companionship in our culture today. Whether you are a \”digital dating\” veteran or just getting your feet wet in the online matchmaking scene, these ten tips will set you up for success and (hopefully) lead you to your future partner!

5 Important Details For Developing a Connection or Rapport

Take a peek at the basics of developing rapport or connection with others.

In a nutshell, what it takes is to ask questions, have a positive, open attitude, encourage an open exchange of communications (both verbal and unspoken), listen to verbal and unspoken communications, and share positive feedback.

5 Relationship Killers and How to Avoid Them

Controlling Behaviour- Most people enter a relationship with a deep fear of rejection, and this fear motivates various forms of controlling behaviour. Controlling behaviour falls into two major categories: overt control and covert control. Controlling behaviour always results in resentment and emotional distance, bringing about the very rejection that it is meant to avoid.

How to Show Love To Your Partner in 5 Special Ways

There are many ways to express love to your partner other than quoting the actual words \”I Love You.\” Usually the fire in relationships dies down after a while and the feeling of your heart pounding with the excitement of being with your significant other is not felt nearly as often, or even at all. So, how do we get back that love, passion and warm feeling that wraps around us and penetrates our thoughts in the beginning of a relationship? Many say actions speak louder than words so below I have listed 5 secrets to help you show your partner how much you truly love them:

10 Tips For a Successful Relationship

What\’s the key to a successful relationship?
Sometimes it\’s just the simple things that we easily forget or think are unimportant that hold the key to a healthy and happy relationship.
Read through the helpful tips below on how to make your relationship go the distance.

Are You Smothering Your Partner?

Have you noticed that some people just can’t help but self-destruct their relationships? Even when they have a great person who treats them well, they start committing relationship sins that are sure to lead them to a cold and lonely destination. One major relationship crime is smothering.