How great and honest is your circle of friends?

This is about mentoring you to Reignite your Feminine Power? How do people around you contribute to your growth or stunt your progress in life?

Did you known than your friends have the ability to test your Feminine Power?

There are categories of friends to keep you in check or disrupt your progress.

Which of the following friends do you have or are you?

You should be what you want other people to be, to you right?

Sometimes the very same people you rely on are the same people that are killing your Vibe/Feminine Power and causing you the worst grief ever.

The 4 categories of friends are:

  1. Cheer leader
  2. Coach/teacher
  3. Critics
  4. Confidante


  • Cheer Leader, will listen to you and understands what you are going through.
  • She/he is very slow to respond but, will cheer you on and pick you up when you fall.
  • Brings joy and sunshine to your world.
  • Will recognize your ups and downs without judgments.
  • Will build you, celebrate your successes and never break you in any way.
  • Will pick you up, dust you and cheer you on when you fall.
  • Are not intimidated by your success, your beauty and intelligence.
  • Will make sure you get to the finishing line of your race, and will never overtake you in any race, but will make way for you to win.
  • Are Team YOU! These will help to cultivate

     FEMININE POWER in your life.


  • This friend will ask you the right questions to help you through your self-assessment.
  • Will bring the best out of you.
  • Will make you create, build your visions and goals.
  • Will ask you questions like, “What do you desire in your life?”
  • Will bridge the gap to what you are missing in your life if you don’t go for your dreams.


  • Constructive criticism.
  • They will provide constructive feedback.
  • They will integrate your thought process.
  • They are not scared to push you to jump higher and far.
  • They want the best for your life.
  • They will make you think twice when you want to slip back into yourself-limiting beliefs and want to give up because other people have criticized your dream or have caused you pain.
  • They will tell you when you have spinach stuck in your teeth.
  • They will make sure you stop living in the poor me mindset and move into the growth mindset.
  • This is the person who will ask you to wipe your tears when you fall down and ask you to shake off the dust so you can continue your race.


  • This is the person who will be honest with you no matter what.
  • They will keep your dirty secrets and will take a bullet for you.
  • Will not compete for attention or tries to overshadow your efforts/vision.
  • Will help you achieve your purpose in your life.
  • You don’t have to blackmail them to keep your secrets.
  • They will ground you when are you about to lose it.
  • She will be there for you and never expect anything for you

Are you the friend that will be there for other people and protect their vulnerability?


Are you being taken advantage of in life?

Do your friends light your flame or dim it by being negative around you?

Toxic or poisonous friends will affect your whole being and your emotions.

This affects your Feminine Power big time.

Sport Light   (Stellar)

  • This friend will steal your sport light.
  • They are very insecure with themselves.
  • They want the attention from everyone and try to outshine you all the time including at your own occasion or function.
  • They always want people to feel sorry for them even when it's not called for.

Past  - (Penny)

  • These people will remember your ugly past and will use it against you, to destroy your image/life.
  • They will remind you of your past, just to make sure they discredit you.
  • They will refresh and reload your past in your face, whenever they feel it right to bring you down and dim your shining lights.
  • These are the people who will throw you under the bus simply because they think you deserve it.
  •  Never urgue with Past Penny because they will unravel your painful past in front of other people, just so that they steal your shine from you.

Manipulative -  (Maya)

  • These will send you on a serious guilt trip if you don’t do what they want, even when they know or see than you have no capacity to do it.
  • They will remind you about the bad things you did to them and other people way way, just so that you feel bad. You start seeing yourself as a very selfish person.
  • They will threaten to use your dirty secrets to blackmail you.  They know that if it happens you are toast.
  • Women you have some guys that put you down and you walk on eggshells just to keep the peace or not to upset them. Because they will tell you it’s because you made them made angry. They will make you believe that they are doing you a favor just to be friends with you.
  • They do this so that they keep you chained to their power.






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