Are You Giving Your Power Away in Relationships, Just To Keep The LOVE?


Who is wearing the pants in your relationships especially in the Blended Family?

  1. Are you letting your man or woman run the show and traumatize your children from your other relationships?
  2. The man or woman starts to mistreat your children and you end up sending your children to stay with your grandmother, sister or mother and in the meantime you think you are in a healthy relationship full of love and respect, really?
  3. You may have a gay child and you let your partner mistreat your child simply because you LOVE this guy or woman, really people?
  4. You give up your career, because your partner thinks you are being too controlling or showing off, because you are getting more income than him?
  5. Never give up what you value the most, in your life, simply because you want to keep the relationship … eg. going to the gym. The guy gets jealous of you looking sexy…
  6. You stop putting make-up on, simply because he keeps telling you, that you look great without makeup, then later he starts telling you how ugly you look.
  7. You stop wearing heels because the partner tells you that it bothers him to be shorter than you. Where was he when you wore high heels during the dating season?
  8. Your partner starts to pick up fights with your children and then complains about the children being disrespectful, like really people? What culture are you creating for your children? You are letting this person come between you and your children and allowing this person to plant rejection in the minds and lives of your children.
  9. Many teens commit suicide today because of all this trauma that is being pushed down their throats.

All I can say is, she/he is creating a doormat out of you and soon he/she will stop respecting you as a person and abuse starts from there too….

Take this as a wakeup call to your life as a single parent that is going into

a Blended Family unit.

How are you using your Feminine Power or Masculine Power?

This power allows you to make the right choices and empower you to be confident in all your communication with the world.

You are supposed to protect your children as they depend on you, and yet here you are throwing them into the lion’s den, just to keep the relationship going?

You let this person bark louder and bite deeper in your children's lives, while you sit on the sidelines, just to remain in the marriage or relationship?

If you are doing this then, you need to deal with your demons, past grief, fears, self-esteem, insecurities, grief/pain that you are not god enough to get another relationship.

Take action now on your relationships and think about how you let other people treat your children. This will show you what kind of a parent you really are.




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