This is the biggest mistake you are making to yourself. How you handle and respect yourself goes a long way in affecting the men that will come into your life. Where ever you go remember to treat yourself like a queen and this also includes how you dress. The men that you will attract depend on what you are showing them…….

How you treat yourself is how the men in your life will treat you as well.

Here is why…….

Some women only want men who are unavailable, while others chase after bad boys.

Some women put up with unacceptable behaviors and other women just don’t ask for what they deserve.

If you notice any of these behaviors in yourself, it’s a sign that you need to value yourself if you want to be successful in relationships.

You may feel that you are “not enough” or that no one could love who you are.

These are issues that you need to (and can!) solve on your own. I have met hundreds of women and not one has been inadequate or unlovable.

I am confident that you are deserving of respect and love from someone who loves you.

You need to look at what you are putting up with in relationships even at work. You deserve better in life.

Food for thought for this week.


your Love Coach

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