7 Secrets To Win a Marriage Minded Man


Marriage minded men want to come home to a positive home and a positive lady of the house. You can be a beautiful woman, intelligent and rich, but if you exude negativity, you will repel these good men away. Check your energy levels.


Men are visual animals, looks are the first thing that will bring you to their attention. How do you look when you go out? What kind of clothes do you wear? It's time to dump the oversize sweat pants and T-shirts, or overly tight clothes, for the more classy look to bring out the sassy, savvy and sexy you.


Men are logical thinkers so they want things that are straightforward. So don't confuse the guy with your complicated lifestyle full of jargon flooded with secrets. Let him know who you are from the beginning and tell him what you are looking for so he knows what he is getting himself into. Men don't want to play the cat and mouse game. I am not saying that you should tell your whole life story, but make sure he is on the same page with you and vise versa. Men just don't want to be figuring out things about you.


Men want someone who can hear them out. Listen more than you talk. You as the woman you should also be heard by this man, it goes both ways. Listen t understand and not to react. Be willing to learn more about them and also let them know who you are. Be willing to come down your high horse and be in your Feminine Energy.


Be able to respect him and he will respect you too. Noone wants to be around a person who is going to be putting them down. This does not mean that you become a puppet, it just means you learn to treat this man with respect, and he will respect you too in return.


Be ready to support him in his dreams and he will support you in yours. This does not mean that you become his Social Worker or you turn him into your hobby. You also need to be independent, but you should be ready to support him if he needs it. Every man will thrive when he knows that his woman is on his side or has his back in what he is trying to pursue.


Men want to make their women happy. Men are providers by nature, who thrive when they know and feel needed by the women in their lives. Many women have resorted to their Masculine Power because women are competing with these men in the board rooms in their careers. When they go home to their families, they cannot make the balance, to go back into their Feminine Energy of being soft and nurturing. Men during the day are also fighting with their counterparts at work. When they come home, they want to enjoy being around softness. What we do not realize is that this Masculine Energy causes a lot of stress, as Masculine Energy is all about being aggressive, fighting, and competing. This stress is causing you to build Heart Walls around your heart, blocking the men out of your heart, because you are busy trying to protect yourself from being hurt again. Masculine Energy, is causing you to be in Fight Mode all the time and you have no time to enjoy being in your Feminine Energy and receive love and compassion from the man of your dreams.

Men love to be around women who are loving, and warm who are ready to be loved and to love.




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