It is no secret that everyone would love to have perfectly white teeth. Your smile is your biggest asset on a date! First impressions always count! White teeth also help to boost your self confidence.
If you are looking for a quick on the go remedy, rub either a strawberry or the inside of a banana peel on your teeth!
Well, what if I told you white teeth are easily attainable? There are several options to whiten your teeth, and not all of them are insanely expensive!
Make sure to be mindful of your teeth, if you have sensitive teeth you may want to consult your dentist before using any of these options. The most expensive form of teeth whitening is professionally done by a dentist.
Another teeth whitener option is whitening strips. These can be purchased just about anywhere and range in price. Packs usually come with 2 weeks of whitening strips. These do guarantee results, but you do need to stay consistent for optimum, long term results.
A cheaper option is activated charcoal. All you do is break open the pill to get the loose powder, mix it with water, toothpaste, or hydrogen peroxide and brush your teeth! You will need to rinse very well as the charcoal stains at first, but it comes right off with a good inside of a banana peel on your teeth!
So smile away with beautiful white teeth.
Your love Coach Rosemary.

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